10 Improvements for your Registration Page

Those who enjoy filling out registration forms are few and far between. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary step in gaining access to any sports betting or gaming website. Forms can be tedious and complicated which may result in poor conversion or high drop off rates. The registration page may be the first point of interaction a user has with your site. It’s imperative that the journey is comfortable and effortless. With this in mind, I present…

10 improvements for your registration page

1. Multi-step

We’ve all been there before, you click the ‘Join’ button and you are confronted with a long list of inputs and drop down fields, it’s intimidating. Ideally, the form should be broken down into steps – About the User / Contact Details / Account details or something similar. There are a number of benefits, tracking behavior is easier, the layout lends itself well to mobile and it gives the user a sense of progression.

Ladbrokes Registration Steps

Ladbrokes use a multi-step form for their registration

2. Explain ‘why’

Not everyone is comfortable with online forms for fear their information may be misused. Put the user at ease and inform them why you require a certain piece of information, a tooltip with a brief explanation can reassure concerns.

Paddy Power Registration Form

Paddy Power explain why they require a phone number

3. Instant validation

Reassure the user that they have entered the information correctly. A nice way to do this is an affirmative visual cue, a green tick or a positive highlighted field. Likewise, let the user know if they’ve done something wrong instantly, no one wants to complete a form and click the confirm button only to see 5 red notifications pop up.


4. Did you assume my Gender?

In the last year, this has become more of a talking point. Consider adding a ‘Rather not say’ or ‘Other’ option to the Gender question on your form. In my research, I couldn’t find a single sports betting site that offers this as an option on their registration page.

ITV Player Registration Form - Gender

ITV Player offer Mx as an option. Of all gender neutral titles, Mx is the most commonly used.

5. Autofill and pre-populate

Reduce the amount of typing needed to complete a form and users will thank you. Smart Address pre-fill and IP based pre-populated fields can radically reduce the number of keystrokes a user makes by up to 50%.

Betfair Registration Form - Autocomplete address

Autocomplete on Betfair Address input. Option to enter manually also.

6. New Customer Promo

If there’s a sign-up offer, why not pre-populate the ‘Promo Code’ field or give the user the option to pick their own. In turn, this will avoid users leaving the form to look for promo codes. This can greatly improve conversion and avoid abandonment.

BetVictor Promo on Registration

Option to choose a sign up bonus on BetVictor

7. Smart Password

Clearly define constraints and use a strength meter in order to motivate the creation of a stronger more secure password. Also, have the option to mask or show the password, this will help the user check their input and also reduce the need for a confirmation field.

Bet365 Password

Bet365 clearly specify password requirements

8. Is that the right keyboard?

Consideration must be given to the type of field a user is completing and the keyboard they are presented with on mobile. For instance, for a telephone field <input type=”tel”>, the user should see a numerical pad, similar to the one they use to make phone calls. For email addresses, <input type=”email”> this keyboard not only displays letters, but it also displays the ‘@’ and ‘.’ characters that make up an email address.


9. A helping hand

Clearly advertise the option to chat, call or email the helpdesk. If clicked, the page should be opened in a new tab and the ‘Help’ page should be related to signup/registration as that is where the user has originated from.

Registration support contact

Bet365 and Paddy Power support section on registration page

10. Make a deposit!

Once registered, the obvious next step is a redirect to an ‘Account Deposit’ page. Be sure to keep consistency with your registration page in order to maintain a smooth transition. Functions, labels, and placeholders should look and behave the same to avoid confusion and assure complete conversion.

Betfasir Deposit at end of registration

Betfair keeping consistency on the deposit page


Although registration forms can be tedious, with some minor tweaks and changes the registration process can be a breeze. The ten points above, coupled with some beautiful UI can lead to an increase in conversion and help reduce drop off. Remember, form optimization is an ongoing process with countless options to test and retest, If you would like to discuss such a project feel free to email me – seamus@thisistheunit.com