5 Benefits Of Paid Social Media Advertising in 2021

If you’re unsure about allocating a budget for paid social media advertising, maybe it’s time you reconsider.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, paid advertising on social media has moved from nice to have to a must have.

Consumers are spending more time online than ever before. According to a survey by Statista, users are spending 145 minutes on social media sites every day.

Benefits of Paid Social Media
Source: Statista

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What is Paid Social Media Advertising?

Paid social media advertising is a type of digital advertising that is specifically designed for use on social media platforms. Businesses pay to have their content shared with new audiences who are likely to be interested in their product or service.

Paid social ads allow you to target specific audiences that may not have seen your content organically. This helps to increase your brand and product awareness, website traffic and can also increase micro-conversions.

For best results, we recommend that your campaign should be used in conjunction with other forms of media, such as direct mail, radio ads, TV ads and more.

Here are five benefits to using paid social media advertising for your business:

  • Improves brand awareness.
  • Fits any budget.
  • Advanced targeting options.
  • Wide range of ad formats.
  • High-quality website traffic.

5 benefits of paid social media advertising

5 Benefits of Social Media Advertising

1. Improves Brand Awareness

Social media brand awareness strategy

Promoting your content on social media allows you to reach a greater number people than you would posting organically. Paid social media ads allow your content to regularly appear in targeted users newsfeeds. This is a great way to improve your overall brand awareness. As your ads show up more frequently, brand recognition will naturally increase.

2. Fits Any Budget

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With most other forms of advertising, you are locked into a specific ad rate. With paid social media advertising you can work within your own budget. Your budget can range from as little as €10, to as much as you’re willing to invest.

Most social platforms offer a PPC (pay-per-click) model, meaning you only pay when users engage with your promoted content. This gives you greater control of your campaigns when compared to other forms of media such as TV, radio and print.

3. Advanced Targeting Options

Social media targeting

Paid social advertising allows you to target specific users by location, behaviors, interests, activities, job titles and more. Once created, your ads will be displayed to users who are most aligned with your target audience. This also helps to prevent your advert being shown to an audience of users who may not be interested in your content.

Additionally, social media platforms such as Facebook allow you to re-target ads to people who have previously engaged with your content.

4. Wide Range Of Ad Formats

Social Media Advertising Agency

Advertising on social media allows you to be more creative than ever before. Each platform has a wide range of ad types and ad placements to choose between, allowing you to cater to different audiences.

Social media campaigns can vary in their format depending on your campaigns objective. Before launching a new campaign make sure to consider the following:

  • Select the best ad format for your campaigns main objective.
  • Ensure the content for your ad is engaging.
  • Adhere to the social media channels advertising policies.

5. High-Quality Website Traffic

what is paid social media advertising

As more people view your ads and learn about your brand, you will begin to see an increase in your websites inbound traffic. This traffic will also be of a higher quality as it will mostly be a highly targeted audience interested to learn more.

Why Pay for Social Media Advertising?

Social media is very much pay to play in 2021 as organic reach on social platforms continues to fall.

As a result, more and more businesses are including paid media in their social media strategies.

Paying to promote your content on social media allows you to reach a greater number of people, enhance targeting and generate new leads.