Announcing Our Partnership With Code Factory Group

Over the last year, we have been working with Code Factory Group on a number of projects. Code Factory Group and ourselves here at Rock Digital have been delighted with the results. So much so that both of us decided to take our partnership to the next level.

We are happy to announce that Rock Digital will be operating under the Code Factory Group umbrella providing strategic support and project management on behalf of Code Factory Group to Ireland and the UK.
We will help our clients deliver their projects quickly and to the highest standards using the highly qualified and experienced developers at Code Factory Group.
This is an opportunity for Irish tech companies to access a pool of top-level development talent on a project by project basis at a reasonable cost.
We can handle large projects from established businesses or help new businesses launch online. Ultimately, we can now help companies in Ireland and the UK reach their full potential online.
The synergy created by this partnership will be of huge benefit to our clients.
Becoming partner with one of Europe’s best and most capable development houses is a testament to the hard work and great performance of the team here at Rock Digital over the last twelve months.
2018 is looking great.
If you want to leverage our services for your business drop us a line here.
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