Here’s Why You Should Be Using Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads, also known as ASA, are the sponsored ads you see at the top of App Store results on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. If you have an app on Apple’s App Store then you should be using ASA.

Just like other advertising platforms, advertisers can bid on relevant keywords to get your listing in the top (and only) position on the paid search results.

Apple Search Ads were only originally available in the United States, but now Apple has made them available in 59 countries worldwide. They are rolling out new features and new countries all the time with Russia the most recent addition at the beginning of May.

There is almost 2 million apps live on the App Store and that number is growing all the time making it harder for companies to become visible on this important mobile platform.

Benefits of Apple Search Ads

The unique layout and listings of Apple Search Ads provides a great range of benefits to advertisers. However, we have seen some companies that are reluctant to take advantage of this new platform. Instead they funnel mobile budget to social sites like Facebook and Snapchat.

So, here’s why we advise you add Apple Search Ads to your promotional mix – and quick.

High Intent Users

Unlike other mobile advertising platforms, the App Store is the very final step in sales funnel for an app. More than 65% of all app downloads come directly from a search on the App Store. You can reach people at the right time with Search Ads. More than 50% of people who tap on your ad will download your app.

Ad Placement

Apple Search Ads appear in only one position – the top. You also have to take into account that only one ad is shown per results page so you can guarantee top position with a winning bid. The ads are automatically created using the description and images on your product page (probably handled by your app developer). The background of the ads are shaded and an ad disclosure tab is included but these are subtle design enhancements from Apple. Ad relevance and highly motivated users leads to great conversion rates.

Conversion Rate

As we have already mentioned, ads on the App Store have a great conversion rate – hovering around 50% across all industries and app categories.


Two key factors lead to a significantly lower cost-per-acquisition on ASA compared to other advertising platforms.

  1. High Intent Users
  2. Limited Marketplace

We have already covered the benefits of high intent users on the App Store. It’s also worth noting that a search on the App Store will bring up far less results than a search for a similar term on Google. This all leads to a low cost-per-tap and low cost-per-acquisition which is great news for any marketing team.


The Apple Search Ads platform provides the advertiser with recommendations across a wide range of metrics. App Store data gives the advertiser an insight into the demographics of users interacting with your app as well as bid recommendations and new keywords to target. Their algorithm is updated regularly to bring you more insights to improve bid and ad relevancy.

Preparing Apple Search Ads Campaigns

We have written a whole article on how to set-up Apple Search Ads campaigns. This explains how targeting works on the ASA platform, how it works from a user’s perspective and most importantly how you can increase user acquisition using Apple Search Ads. Read the full article here.

Apple Search Ads Certified

We are Apple Search Ads Certified. We manage marketing campaigns for a number of clients and Apple Search Ads play a key part of those campaigns when apps are available. If you want to find out how your company can use Apple Search Ads to acquire new customers then get in touch with us today at

If you do not have an app on the App Store we can help with that too. Native apps improve customer retention rates and provides customers with the best possible user experience. Find out more here.