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TikTok Marketing – A Quick and Easy Introductory Guide

TikTok Marketing 2021 – A Quick and Easy Introductory Guide

Are you wondering if TikTok marketing could help grow your brand? The surge in popularity of short-form video content on social media has seen TikTok become the self proclaimed “destination for short-form mobile videos” in 2021. The platform has been downloaded over 2 billion times and boasts more than 689 million active users. It is also available in more than 200 countries worldwide – that’s a lot of TikTokin’! With so many active users on the platform, it has unsurprisingly become a great way to grow brands. In this quick […]

Digital Marketing Trends For Your Business In 2021

Digital Marketing Trends For Your Business In 2021

In 2020, remote working fast became the new normal. COVID-19 forced businesses to adapt their services and offers and go online to keep in touch with their customers. This huge increase in online shopping has resulted in greater competition between businesses, and a greater demand for digital marketing services. In order for your business to continue to grow and expand, it’s crucial you stay up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and adapt your marketing strategy accordingly. Digital marketing in 2021 will require entrepreneurs and marketers to consider […]

How Apple’s new update will affect Facebook ads

How Apple’s New Update Will Affect Facebook Ads

It’s official. Apple have released their brand new software update iOS 14.5 for iPhones. The much anticipated update will include a list of new features such as updates to Siri, Apple News, Podcasts and more. However, one particular new update has been grabbing the most attention. Apple’s new privacy change will allow users to have greater control over apps that want to track them for advertising. App developers will now be required to ask users for permission to track their online activity. Unsurprisingly, this will affect how many businesses use […]

How Refreshing Your Old Content Can Boost SEO Traffic

How Refreshing Your Old Content Can Boost SEO Traffic

Creating new and engaging content for your website takes a tonne of time and effort.  While new content plays a crucial part in your website’s SEO rankings, many businesses fail to understand the benefits of repurposing old content.   Recycling old content on your website or blog can help to breathe new life into pages and boost your page rankings in the process. Benefits of refreshing old content Upgrading old content can help strengthen your overall content marketing strategy and improve your website’s traffic.  Below are just a few reasons how […]

New Instagram Update

Instagram’s New Tool Will Let You Automatically Filter Out Abusive DMs

Instagram recently announced a new feature that will allow you to filter out abusive direct message requests you receive. The new tool will filter out messages containing offensive words, emojis or phrases. In recent months many prominent prominent figures have revealed the racist, sexist and abusive messages they receive on the platform. This has resulted in a growing number of social media blackouts in protest at the large social media companies and their policing of such content. How does the new Instagram feature work? The latest update from Instagram builds […]