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What is an SEO Audit & Why is it Important for my Site?

Latest figures show that there are currently over 1.86 billion websites online. From a business perspective, the purpose of your website is to attract new customers from around the globe and at a local level too. One of the best ways to attract new users is through organic search traffic. Organic search is the starting point for 53% of all website visits and with Google accounting for 70% of global search traffic, this is where you want to focus. Achieving top rankings in Google search results should be one of […]

Digitalisation Voucher - Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland Digitalisation Voucher

Enterprise Ireland have recently launched a new funding opportunity for Irish businesses through a Digitalisation Voucher. The objective of this voucher is to provide these businesses with the digital skills and tools they need to improve performance and encourage business growth. The Digitalisation Voucher covers advisory costs of up to €9,000 to work with any of their approved providers, of which The Unit is one. Eligible projects must include one of the following: Improving the Digital Customer Experience Internal Process Optimisation Becoming a Data-Driven Business Boosting Your Online Presence This […]

Reddit App on Site

The Reddit Marketing Guide

At the time of writing Reddit has almost 450 million active monthly users and is the 7th most popular social media app in the United States (Source: Backlinko). It is full of active communities, known as subreddits, where users share posts and comments on topics they are interested in. Reddit is often a starting point for viral content and trends that you will then see being shared on other social media platforms. For a marketer, this should be a prime target audience to get your brand in front of. However, […]


Download: How to Set Up an Internal Agency

The trend across many large organisations is to set up an internal marketing and advertising agency. Also known as an in-house agency this is a separate business unit geared towards serving the marketing and advertising requirements of different business divisions. However, there are some key mistakes you need to avoid for this approach to work. We will take you through the main challenges you will face and provide solutions to help you succeed. Fill out the form below and we will send you our newly released guide How to Set […]

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LinkedIn Ads Guide: Ad Formats

LinkedIn’s advertising platform provides in-depth targeting and access to over 700 million professionals around the world. 4 out of every 5 LinkedIn members have an influence on business decisions and the LinkedIn audience has 2X the buying power compared to the average web audience. It’s an attractive group to get your brand in front of and the best way to do that is through LinkedIn Ads. We have been using LinkedIn Ads at The Unit for some time now, both for ourselves and our clients, and we have seen first-hand […]

Wembley EURO 2020 Final Location

How to win EURO 2020 – 5 Marketing Tips for Sportsbooks

The summer of 2021 is filled with top sporting events for us all to get excited about. We have the Olympic Games in Tokyo, a Lions Tour of South Africa, the return of Wimbledon and of course EURO 2020. Delayed by a year, 2021’s headline football event is taking place across the continent. There are games taking place from Baku to Glasgow with the semi-finals and final being hosted by Wembley. Online has become a key battleground for brands to engage customers around big events like the Euros. In fact, […]

Online Business

What are the Benefits of Bringing My Business Online in 2020?

‘Why should I bring my business online?’ That’s a question that many business owners have been asking for years. 2020 has brought many challenges and online shopping has become a necessity with countries going in and out of lockdown and ‘non-essential’ outlets being forced to close. In Ireland, the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office show that only 32% of the 248,344 SMEs in the country can process a sale through a website or social media page. Developing an online presence has become essential in 2020. We have outlined […]


Content Marketing for Sportsbooks

While some regions are tightening restrictions on the gaming industry, there’s no doubt that the sector is flourishing in other areas. No matter where you are based, it’s fair to say that online marketing plays a huge role in attracting customers to your sportsbook. PPC and affiliates are major acquisition channels in any bookmaker’s marketing plan but one area that often gets overlooked is SEO and in particular content marketing. Some of you may think these are the same thing under two different names. It’s important to note the differences. […]

LinkedIn B2B Ads

Using LinkedIn Ads for B2B Success

For the few that don’t know, LinkedIn is one of the largest social media platforms in the world with over 650 million users. It’s where ambitious graduates, professionals and industry experts go to network, share content and build their brand. On the whole it’s a great platform. You can chat and learn from others in your industry and take advantage of some of the free training courses on LinkedIn Learning. If you manage your company’s social accounts then you probably know how useful LinkedIn’s company page is. Just like your […]


Here’s Why You Should Be Using Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads, also known as ASA, are the sponsored ads you see at the top of App Store results on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. If you have an app on Apple’s App Store then you should be using ASA. Just like other advertising platforms, advertisers can bid on relevant keywords to get your listing in the top (and only) position on the paid search results. Apple Search Ads were only originally available in the United States, but now Apple has made them available in 59 countries […]

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Top Marketing Tips for your Ecommerce Site

The Ecommerce industry is booming at the moment. Reports show remarkable growth on mobile and desktop through the first five months of 2020. While this boom may have been coming down the line at some stage, there is no doubt that the COVID-19 lockdown has expedited the process. It’s vitally important that retailers consider their online marketing strategy given the current situation we’re seeing worldwide. There is much that can be done, whether it’s developing a digital strategy from scratch or optimising your Google Shopping campaigns. We have come up […]


WEBINAR | Casino & Poker PPC Strategy for Operators

We are hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 5th May at 4PM (IST). It’s a live event and you can ask questions for our speakers using the Q&A and chatbox function.   Topic: Casino & Poker PPC Strategy for Operators When: Tuesday 5th May 2020 Time: 4PM   We will share real world experience as well as some killer short cuts to improve your casino and poker paid search performance. You will learn how to increase revenue and return from your paid search channels. This webinar is for Marketing Managers […]