Betslip Optimisation – Five Essential Tips for Optimising the Betslip

Betslip optimisation is one of the most important factors for your business. Therefore, you should prioritise it in your day to day operations plan.

Importance of the Betslip

The betslip is arguably a Sportsbook’s most important feature from a customer perspective. It is also the most important feature from a revenue generation standpoint.

Therefore, the betslip should be front and centre in your optimisation plans.

Optimising the Betslip

Think of the betslip as a shopping cart/checkout, keep it clear, simple, intuitive and most importantly, make it easy for a customer to place a bet!

1. Make it easy to access

Make the betslip easily accessible on any device. For users with smaller devices, it needs to be hidden or located in a navigation element which is accessible with one click. Like Betfair’s recent campaign, think about ‘Tap, Tap, Boom.

2. Make placing multiples easy

Make Multiples Easy. This is imperative & as well as being transparent and intuitive with possible bet types also consider using ‘Quick Stakes’ to drive bet numbers.

3. Highlight potential returns

Make Potential Returns prominent.

4. Allow for deposits with the Betslip

Make it possible to deposit with the betslip. Again, this is absolutely crucial, especially for in-play events where incidents and price changes are often very frequent. Make it quick and very easy and remember – don’t make the customer leave the shopping cart/checkout to deposit!

5. Include interactive elements post bet placement

Make post bet placement interactive. In most cases, after a bet receipt is displayed the engagement level falls off dramatically. Consider some simple personalisation – i.e. live commentary on a event the customer has bet on – GOOOAAAALLLLL incorporating good UX and inputs like live scores and cash out values – all information which would be available to the sportsbook operator.


Other Factors to Consider When Optimising Your Betslip

  • Make it accessible from all sportsbook pages and after making a selection
  • Make easy to edit stake values
  • Ensure that related selections, price changes and suspensions are highlighted clearly.
  • Make bet receipt interactive – i.e. add Cash Out options, event streaming opportunities & statistics for Horse Racing selections.


Conclusion – Betslip Optimisation

Every betting company should be constantly looking at ways to improve their betslip. Therefore, bet completion rates, stake amounts and leveraging betslip interactivity to increase stake volume should be constantly monitored and improved.

As a result, betting sites should ensure that the resources are in place for a dedicated role/team to handle this essential part of an online bookmakers business.