The Absolute Best Value Marketing Spend in Betting for 2020 is…

So, you control the marketing budgets for a betting brand and you want to get the absolute best value for your marketing spend in 2020.

This is how you can get the best return on your ad spend in 2020. Yes, it does involve a little bit of unorthodox thinking and co-opting your dev team but hear me out.

What You Need to Do to Get the Best ROAS in 2020

Ok, so here is what I want I want you to do.

  1. Google some Star Wars trivia
  2. Get up from your desk.
  3. Walk to the part of the building where your developers are.
  4. Take a deep breath.
  5. Open the door.
  6. Let your eyes adjust to the darkness.
  7. Drop said Star Wars trivia to endear yourself to the developers. Then they will tell you where the CTO is.
  8. Go into their office.
  9. Repeat these words “I have £250,000 here for you to build a native iOS app”

What! you say.

Give the dev team £250,000 of my marketing budget. You must be mad.

Well, there is a method to the madness. Remember when Brawn won the F1 championship? Well, this is the marketing version of that.


Apple Search Ads for Gambling

If you operate in a regulated market like the UK, you can get substantial customer acquisition for a much cheaper CPA than Google Ads. You see Apple is going to start blocking app updates of betting apps in March. This is your opportunity.

For less than two months PPC budget you can take advantage of cheaper customer acquisition with inbuilt push notifications and also have a dedicated place on your customer’s smartphones.

Ok, I know for some operators that their mobile apps have disappointed but a Native app will work much faster and deliver a better customer experience than your mobile site.

The point is to make sure you have your most recent app in the app store post-March. Customers will start moving from bookmakers who have not updated to a native app and you can take advantage of this wave.

I predict generic terms will be very fruitful for about a 6-9 month window while competitor terms for companies still with wrapped apps will be like shoot fish in a barrel.

Kick Up A Fuss – Don’t Let Your Standards Slip

Look, think about it. Not having an updatable app in the App Store is putting your marketing department at a serious disadvantage.

If you are asked for a business case just keep repeating “It’s 2020” over and over again. Look, the reality is that if your company does not have a betting app that can be updated customers will notice.

Your brand will be damaged and iOS customers will simply bet with your competition.

Taking Advantage of Other Operators Stagnation

In regulated markets where you can advertise through Apple Search Ads, you can get similar customers to Google PPC but at a lower cost. From March 3rd, 2020, this will open up even more for companies that have had the foresight to develop a native iOS App.


Want Some Help Scoping Your Native iOS App

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