New Instagram Update

Instagram’s New Tool Will Let You Automatically Filter Out Abusive DMs

Instagram recently announced a new feature that will allow you to filter out abusive direct message requests you receive. The new tool will filter out messages containing offensive words, emojis or phrases. In recent months many prominent prominent figures have revealed the racist, sexist and abusive messages they receive on the platform. This has resulted in a growing number of social media blackouts in protest at the large social media companies and their policing of such content. How does the new Instagram feature work? The latest update from Instagram builds […]

The Major Marketing Mistake The European Super League Clubs Made

The Major Marketing Mistake The European Super League Clubs Made

The biggest change to football in my lifetime was announced on Sunday, April 18th 2021. The European Super League was formed. Twelve confirmed clubs planned to split away and set up a new league. This was quickly opposed by supporters who managed to get their clubs to walk back from their decision a mere two days after the announcement. However, as we marketers are all too familiar with, decisions like this are often made by operations and financial senior executives. It is not uncommon for businesses to put the spreadsheet […]

UX tools

The Best UX Tools for Design Efficiency & Quality

When it comes down to design it is a fast-paced environment that requires designers to have a precise and meticulous approach. The turnaround for design projects is constantly getting lower while expectations on quality and speed continue to rise. It is more important than ever to avoid unproductive UX workflows and tools. Using the best UX tools will increase your design efficiency and quality. The key to choosing the right tool comes down to a handful of different categories. The questions you should ask when evaluating UX tools include: Is […]

PPC Tactics 2021

Why Competitor Analysis Is By Far The Most Important PPC Tactic for 2021

The biggest mistake somebody can do when managing a paid search account is to forget about the competition. Tragically, this is commonly done across the board. Some paid search managers do not even consider the impact of increased competition on performance. With established online businesses accelerating their digital strategy and previously offline focused companies dedicating proper resources to their online channels this has become essential to managing any PPC account in 2021. Importance of Competitors to Your Marketing Targets and Bottom Line Competitors have three major effects: An increase in […]

Online Business

What are the Benefits of Bringing My Business Online in 2020?

‘Why should I bring my business online?’ That’s a question that many business owners have been asking for years. 2020 has brought many challenges and online shopping has become a necessity with countries going in and out of lockdown and ‘non-essential’ outlets being forced to close. In Ireland, the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office show that only 32% of the 248,344 SMEs in the country can process a sale through a website or social media page. Developing an online presence has become essential in 2020. We have outlined […]


Targeting Ireland – Guide for Casinos and Sportsbooks

With more and more operators revising their strategy for the UK, many are now looking at Ireland as a source of traffic. Previously, companies located outside of Ireland have not invested substantially in this jurisdiction with the exception of some UK operators focusing on retail but since pulling out. However, this is changing with many EU based operators eyeing the Emerald Isle. The Two Columns of Irish Betting Sector Yes, there are lots on independent bookies out there but the two brands that dominate the market are Paddy Power and […]

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The Five Pillars of Online Conversion Rate Optimisation

When most people think about conversion rate optimisation they envision button position, mobile accordions, fonts, load speed, form sequence etc. Yes, these are essential parts of increasing conversion. However, it goes much deeper than that. Conversion is not just influenced by on-page factors, off-page factors can have just as big an influence. Conversion Rate Optimisation – A Holistic Approach A good offer can often get over a poor purchase path. Likewise, a good brand or awareness of your product can get over a poor landing page. You see, when it […]


Content Marketing for Sportsbooks

While some regions are tightening restrictions on the gaming industry, there’s no doubt that the sector is flourishing in other areas. No matter where you are based, it’s fair to say that online marketing plays a huge role in attracting customers to your sportsbook. PPC and affiliates are major acquisition channels in any bookmaker’s marketing plan but one area that often gets overlooked is SEO and in particular content marketing. Some of you may think these are the same thing under two different names. It’s important to note the differences. […]

LinkedIn B2B Ads

Using LinkedIn Ads for B2B Success

For the few that don’t know, LinkedIn is one of the largest social media platforms in the world with over 650 million users. It’s where ambitious graduates, professionals and industry experts go to network, share content and build their brand. On the whole it’s a great platform. You can chat and learn from others in your industry and take advantage of some of the free training courses on LinkedIn Learning. If you manage your company’s social accounts then you probably know how useful LinkedIn’s company page is. Just like your […]


The Danger of Online Direct Response Channels in B2C E-Commerce

As a marketer who cut his teeth at the start of the digital era at the turn of the century, but who studied “old school” marketing before entering the professional world, I always saw clear similarities with e-commerce and “regular” bricks and mortar commerce. In some ways, I didn’t get what the fuss was about. From a marketing standpoint, it all remained the same to me. Yes, fulfilment and distribution had changed but the fundamentals of marketing had not. In fact, I believed that brand building would become even more […]


SEO Ireland – How To Rank Your Website in Ireland 2020

I recently had a coffee with a developer friend of mine (yes developers can have friends). We had an interesting conversation about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). During our conversation, it dawned on me that SEO Ireland today is not the SEO I grew up on. It involves so much more. It is not just the case of building links. You must deliver the total package to your customers from both an offsite and onsite perspective. For many Irish organisations, this means a rethink of how their marketing team is structured. […]


Here’s Why You Should Be Using Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads, also known as ASA, are the sponsored ads you see at the top of App Store results on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. If you have an app on Apple’s App Store then you should be using ASA. Just like other advertising platforms, advertisers can bid on relevant keywords to get your listing in the top (and only) position on the paid search results. Apple Search Ads were only originally available in the United States, but now Apple has made them available in 59 countries […]