Will The Chief Disintermediation Officer Become the Most Powerful Marketing Voice in the C-Suite?

Since the advent of Internet advertising, us marketers have gotten lazy. Innovation and product positioning has been replaced with bidding strategies and algorithms. The old “everything can be tracked” mantra is repeated even to this day. However, as Phil Collins would say “I can feel it in the air tonight” there is a seachange happening. You see, as companies put more and more budget online the “real estate” gets more and more expensive. With the “new normal” likely to lean heavily towards e-commerce this will accelerate. Thousands of companies like […]

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Top Marketing Tips for your Ecommerce Site

The Ecommerce industry is booming at the moment. Reports show remarkable growth on mobile and desktop through the first five months of 2020. While this boom may have been coming down the line at some stage, there is no doubt that the COVID-19 lockdown has expedited the process. It’s vitally important that retailers consider their online marketing strategy given the current situation we’re seeing worldwide. There is much that can be done, whether it’s developing a digital strategy from scratch or optimising your Google Shopping campaigns. We have come up […]


PPC Strategy for Casino and Poker – Webinar Summary

We held a Webinar on May 5th 2020 looking at PPC strategy for Casino and Poker sites. Thanks to everyone who attended. Here is a summary of the key topics discussed and a shortened video version of the webinar for those who could not make it. Webinar Video – PPC Strategy for Casino and Poker Operators Webinar Summary Casino/Poker Relationship All roads should lead to casino. Therefore, view cross-sell to casino the ultimate goal of your poker campaigns. For example, look at customers who play mini-games and move to full […]


Covid-19: Online Retail Scheme – Enterprise Ireland

The Online Retail Scheme from Enterprise Ireland has some fantastic supports that you can avail of. Therefore, if your business needs to make the step online now is the time. the scheme covers a massive 80% of the costs of launching an online presence. What’s impressive is that the funding covers strategy development and research. As a result, you can cover key fundamental issues that will help you succeed for years to come. Essentially, the supports cover strategic marketing and technical implementation. If you want to discuss the scheme with […]


The Marketing Triangle – The Foundation of Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing is by far the most misunderstood business discipline. Which is great for companies that can focus on the fundamentals. You see, as most CEOs come from either a Financial or Operations background marketing is often seen almost as an inconvenience. In fact, what they don’t realise is that marketing encompasses everything a business does. In some cases, they are marketing geniuses without even realising it!   Marketing Perspective for Non-Marketers   I often say to CFOs that the most successful investor of all time invests in brands. Yes, bring […]


WEBINAR | Casino & Poker PPC Strategy for Operators

We are hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 5th May at 4PM (IST). It’s a live event and you can ask questions for our speakers using the Q&A and chatbox function.   Topic: Casino & Poker PPC Strategy for Operators When: Tuesday 5th May 2020 Time: 4PM   We will share real world experience as well as some killer short cuts to improve your casino and poker paid search performance. You will learn how to increase revenue and return from your paid search channels. This webinar is for Marketing Managers […]


WEBINAR | Digital Opportunities & How To Make Your Business Flourish During The Downturn

We are hosting a webinar on Thursday the 16th April titled 2020 Vision: Digital Opportunities & How To Make Your Business Flourish During The Downturn. The webinar will cover the current challenges faced by local businesses and opportunities for growth. Co-Founder Paddy Casey and Head of Digital Marketing Feargal Byrne will discuss the different marketing approaches you can take, what a successful campaign looks like and the supports available to you. You can register for the webinar by filling out the form below.  


Google Ads – PPC Magic – One Ad Group for Your Entire Account

Some people marvel at the lastest car designs. Some people gaze for hours at buildings from the worlds top architects. I believe this post covers something just as wonderous. In fact, it’s pure magic. Its the one ad group Google Ads account. One Ad Group That’s Impossible! No, it’s not. In fact, it is probably the best account structure for about 90% of PPC accounts in the world today. Really it is. I know you are sitting in shock but I am serious. Therefore, you might be surprised at the […]

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The Absolute Best Value Marketing Spend in Betting for 2020 is…

So, you control the marketing budgets for a betting brand and you want to get the absolute best value for your marketing spend in 2020. This is how you can get the best return on your ad spend in 2020. Yes, it does involve a little bit of unorthodox thinking and co-opting your dev team but hear me out. What You Need to Do to Get the Best ROAS in 2020 Ok, so here is what I want I want you to do. Google some Star Wars trivia Get up […]


Esports Industry To Make Great Strides In 2020

The fourth part of our 2020 series takes a look at esports. Participation and viewing interest in esports grew massively in 2019 and that’s expected to continue into 2020.  According to Newzoo, total esports audience grew to 453.8 million globally in 2019. Source: Newzoo The growth of esports is fast becoming the envy of other sporting organisations, especially as it involves a key demographic for sports clubs, that elusive 14-25 market. Major sports are sitting up and taking notice on how esports platforms operate with the likes of Formula 1, […]


Marketing Trends for Betting 2020

2020 will see some interesting developments in the gambling sector. The opening up of the United States to sports betting will cause deep-seated changes for marketing teams. As a result, there will be major shifts in resources and budgets between regulated markets. 2020 will also see a further split in marketing objectives for regulated and grey markets. This means that costs for certain advertising channels will soar in regulated markets as they will be growth driven. However, grey markets will be mostly profit-driven which will cap ad/affiliate costs to some […]


PPC Online Casino USA – Google Ads Beta

Google has followed up their Sports Betting PPC beta with an announcement that they intend to launch Casino Ads across their digital platforms – Search, AdMob, GDN and YouTube. PPC Online Casino USA is now a major talking point for current and prospective market entrants.   This is massive news, but must be treated with caution by operators. CPCs are likely to start high and go even higher. Using the UK market as an example CPCs at £120 are not uncommon.   Full-Funnel Approach to PPC Online Casino USA So, […]