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The Absolute Best Value Marketing Spend in Betting for 2020 is…

So, you control the marketing budgets for a betting brand and you want to get the absolute best value for your marketing spend in 2020. This is how you can get the best return on your ad spend in 2020. Yes, it does involve a little bit of unorthodox thinking and co-opting your dev team but hear me out. What You Need to Do to Get the Best ROAS in 2020 Ok, so here is what I want I want you to do. Google some Star Wars trivia Get up […]


Esports Industry To Make Great Strides In 2020

The fourth part of our 2020 series takes a look at esports. Participation and viewing interest in esports grew massively in 2019 and that’s expected to continue into 2020.  According to Newzoo, total esports audience grew to 453.8 million globally in 2019. Source: Newzoo The growth of esports is fast becoming the envy of other sporting organisations, especially as it involves a key demographic for sports clubs, that elusive 14-25 market. Major sports are sitting up and taking notice on how esports platforms operate with the likes of Formula 1, […]


Marketing Trends for Betting 2020

2020 will see some interesting developments in the gambling sector. The opening up of the United States to sports betting will cause deep-seated changes for marketing teams. As a result, there will be major shifts in resources and budgets between regulated markets. 2020 will also see a further split in marketing objectives for regulated and grey markets. This means that costs for certain advertising channels will soar in regulated markets as they will be growth driven. However, grey markets will be mostly profit-driven which will cap ad/affiliate costs to some […]


PPC Online Casino USA – Google Ads Beta

Google has followed up their Sports Betting PPC beta with an announcement that they intend to launch Casino Ads across their digital platforms – Search, AdMob, GDN and YouTube. PPC Online Casino USA is now a major talking point for current and prospective market entrants.   This is massive news, but must be treated with caution by operators. CPCs are likely to start high and go even higher. Using the UK market as an example CPCs at £120 are not uncommon.   Full-Funnel Approach to PPC Online Casino USA So, […]


Gaming Industry Trends for 2020: PPC

The second installment for our 2020 Gambling Trends Series of blogs and posts. This deck takes a look at the PPC world in 2020. What are the main trends to look out for? Audience Segmentation, Rising CPCs, Integration with Other Marketing Channels and of course the use of other advertising platforms like Reddit and Apple Search Ads are all high on the list of priorities. Slide Deck – PPC Gambling Trends 2020 Gambling Trends 2020 PPC from Mark O’Hare   Keep an eye out on our LinkedIn page for more […]


How to use Apple Search Ads to Increase User Acquisition

Apple Search Ads (ASA) are sponsored ads that appear at the top of search results on the Apple App Store on iPhones and iPads. The Apple Search Ads platform is one of the newest and highest converting PPC channels available to marketers today. Mobile devices (e.g. iPhones and iPads) are the primary digital tools used by most of the population. 71% of overall digital time is being spent on mobile devices. There were 194 billion global app downloads in 2018, up 35% from 2016 (comScore). Worldwide consumer app spend in […]


Cost Per Session – The Online Sportsbook and Casino KPI for 2020

Yes I know. We have been all working to CPA targets for donkeys. However, have you heard your CRM team complain that they can’t get the value out of customers anymore? Well, it makes perfect sense, especially in regulated markets that are over-saturated like the UK. Now, I have always said that ATL campaigns are just as much about retention as acquisition. Many of the top operators agree and have built retention metrics into their reports relating to TV and Print etc.   Cost Per Session – Share of Mind […]


Gaming Industry Trends for 2020: SEO

SEO is about two things – rankings and visibility. The relevance of SEO has come under scrutiny in recent years but it’s making a comeback as a key part of marketing strategy, particularly in the gambling sector. SEO is more complex than ever. It’s no longer just about link-building and keeping your blog updated. There is a whole host of other factors that come into play. Page speed, UX, content relevancy and your branding efforts all have to be taken into account when optimising your website for search. We have […]


Google BERT Update – SEO is Dead Long Live SEO

Ok, so this is very familiar. We keep saying this whenever Google releases a new major update to how it indexes and ranks pages. It is not about one single update it is about the trend over time. Instead of rushing around like a headless chicken, look at the finish line. Look at what Google’s overall objective is. So, BERT gives Google a better understanding of what users mean when they make a search. This allows them to match content better. Ultimately, it makes google much better from a users […]


Google Ads – PPC Sports Betting Ads for the United States

Google has announced that it will be allowing gambling ads on Google Ads in more US states. Currently, they are only permitted in New Jersey, Nevada and West Virginia. Officially, Google started in New Jersey as a trial, but all of us in the industry knew from the get-go, that the trial would be successful. It was only a matter of time before they rolled approval out to more states.   New States That Google Allow Sports Betting PPC Ads So, big Goo has announced that they are about to […]


NBA Announces Betting Partnership

The National Basketball Association has become the latest major American sports association to enter the gambling sector. They announced their partnership with William Hill in a press release last week. William Hill are one of the pioneers of legal sports betting in America, already operating in 10 states. Their partnership with the NBA gives them the right to use official NBA betting data and their sports book will be promoted across the NBA’s official social media channels and broadcasts. They have a similar partnership in place with the National Hockey […]


How Sports Sponsorship Boosts Your Digital Marketing Performance

In the betting sector, we are all familiar with sports sponsorship. But the question is does it actually work? Well, the answer is complicated. It all depends on the execution and the targeting. However, with sponsorship, you must be realistic about what you can achieve. If you are, then Sponsorship is a vital thread that will tie all your other advertising channels together. This goes from Social through to SEO. Sponsorship Fails Because the Business Expectation is Wrong I’ll say it now. Sponsorship on its own will result in zero […]