Affiliate Marketing Tips for Busy CMOs

I have been really surprised with some CMOs and other senior members of staff running sportsbooks and casino with their lack of understanding or affinity to affiliates. This is usually a result of bad experiences with mismanagement, overspending and under performance. We know that CMOs have to cover a lot of ground and you may not necessarily have time to take an active role in affiliate management. However, it’s important that you understand the purpose of your affiliate program and how it can play a key role in your overall […]


What Does Google’s New Link Attributes rel=”sponsored” and rel=”ugc” mean for Betting Sites and Casinos

On September 10th 2019 Google announced two new ways that they will use to identify the nature of links.   1. rel=”sponsored” This will identify links that are paid for. From the perspective of the betting industry Affiliate sites will be the main category that this will apply to.   However, links from sports/athlete sites should also contain this attribute.   2. rel=”ugc” This applies to links from user-generated content. So, now links in comments and forums should be tagged “ugc.” It may have further implications on social media platforms […]


Why Customers Really Sign Up to New Online Bookmakers

Let’s face facts from the get-go. Betting is a utility. There is not much separating all the betting platforms. Many new bookmakers have tried to copy the Tier one’s and failed.   Don’t Follow Tier Ones The main reason why is that the tier ones played the smart game. They invested in building a brand identity and then put their money where their mouth was with large media buys.   For example, almost every punter has a Bet365 or Paddy Power account. Why? Because they positioned their brand and stuck […]


Advertising Regulations & Affiliates

Increased advertising regulations have had a major impact on the gambling sector in recent years. These tougher regulations have had a particularly strong impact on how bookmakers promote their offering on affiliate sites. The increase in regulation means that each affiliate manager needs to be on the ball as to how their affiliates are promoting the brand. From the aspect of the affiliates, adhering to all the regulations should increase player conversion and player value. The increase in regulation has actually resulted in operators be more creative with their offers to […]


UX Writing Can Improve Your SEO Ranking

UX writing is a relatively new addition to the digital sphere. Although they are technically different fields, UX and SEO should go hand-in-hand. At the end of the day, the goals of the UX team and the SEO team are relatively similar. We both want the user to be satisfied when they visit our site. We want to build trust with our users through positive experiences and relevant content. The problem here is that often UX teams and marketing teams work in isolation with no aligned strategy between the two. […]


Implementing SEO Best Practice

Google is notoriously secretive about how they rank sites and their algorithms change regularly but for the most part SEO best practices have stood the test of time. With that in mind, we have taken a look at how you can implement SEO best practice on your site. What are the challenges to implementing SEO best practice? Development Resources: SEO takes time and effort. More often than not, SEO work is put to one side as companies focus on more ‘tangible’ projects. It’s understandable that resources get stretched from time to […]


Google Ads Betting PPC – Countries Allowed

Many betting CMOs are actively planning to enter markets outside the UK. In doing so, if they hold the appropriate licence they can advertise on Google Ads. As more and more countries have proper regulatory regimes in place, Google has concurrently opened up to betting.   Google Ads Betting You need to be licenced in the relevant jurisdiction and also need to be approved by Google for the territory concerned. Here is a list of the jurisdictions that Google allows gambling ads:   Countries where Betting PPC Google Ads are […]


The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made By Affiliate Marketing Managers

Being an Affiliate Marketing Manager is all about getting the basics right and structuring your day/week correctly. There are a number of pitfalls that you need to be wary of when working in the world of affiliates. There is no textbook answer to all of the problems faced by an Affiliate Marketing Manager on a day-to-day basis but we have identified some of the most common mistakes made by Affiliate Marketing Managers and some tips on how to avoid them. Neglecting your current affiliate base As I discussed in my […]


The NFL Makes A Betting Move

Following on from their live betting broadcast trial with the Washington Redskins during the preseason, the NFL has made another advance toward the betting world by signing an agreement with sports data experts Sportradar. Sportradar – who has partnerships with the MLB, NHL and NBA – has signed a deal to become the exclusive distributor of NFL data to legal sportsbooks in the US and abroad. The deal also includes streaming rights to sports betting operators outside of the US. It’s a remarkable about-turn considering the NFL and Commissioner Roger […]


Affiliate Management: Customer Retention vs New Player Acquisition

It’s the age old argument in many companies that I have worked for; the CRM department not being able to extract value from the new players and blaming the Acquisition department and the Acquisition department blaming the CRM department when a deal looks bad. Developing a cross-department acquisition/retention strategy is key for driving player value. An operator’s marketing strategy should be focused across a number of key areas. Acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and re-activating customers who have lost interest/moved to your competitors all have their part to play. […]


Sports Betting SEO

With legalised sports betting sweeping across the United States and more and more countries globally regulating the sector, Sports Betting SEO has never been more important. SEO in 2019 is quite a bit different to SEO in 2010. This applies to sports betting sites. A large number of on-page and off-page variables contribute to your SEO rank. However, many sports betting sites fail with their onsite SEO. This is the foundation of your SEO strategy. It must be considered “revenue critical” and be prioritised if you are to become a […]


NFL To Trial Live Betting Broadcasts

The NFL is taking a further step toward embracing gambling with a live betting broadcast of the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns pre-season game on NBC Sports Washington this Thursday night. The Redskins are following in the footsteps of their NBA neighbours, the Washington Wizards, who aired eight betting broadcasts during the regular season. NBC Washington General Manager Damon Phillips is a sports-tech expert and he has stated that these broadcasts are a template for ‘the sports network of the future’. Shift in Attitude NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has consistently […]