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10 Improvements for your Registration Page

Those who enjoy filling out registration forms are few and far between. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary step in gaining access to any sports betting or gaming website. Forms can be tedious and complicated which may result in poor conversion or high drop off rates. The registration page may be the first point of interaction a user has with your site. It’s imperative that the journey is comfortable and effortless. With this in mind, I present… 10 improvements for your registration page 1. Multi-step We’ve all been there before, you click the […]


How to Leverage YouTube for your Business

Social media marketing for business is a tricky area to navigate. LinkedIn is usually the focus for B2B companies while Facebook and Instagram are used more by B2C brands. YouTube is an underrated and underutilized marketing channel. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with nearly 2 billion monthly active users. Your business can stand out from the crowd with your own channel and you can use their excellent ad manager to target potential customers. Why use YouTube? There are so many benefits to using YouTube for […]


The Rise of Amazon Ads

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon juggernaut has a new target in its sights – advertising. The online advertising industry is growing and is expected to account for over 50% of global ad expenditure for the first time ever in 2021. Amazon look set to be the first company to break-up Google and Facebook’s long held duopoly in the online advertising industry. They are looking to expand their offering beyond display ads on their mobile shopping app and online commerce store. These ad sales have been very profitable for Bezos (reportedly $10.1 billion […]


Sports Betting Google Ads in New Jersey

Real Money Sportsbooks can now advertise on Google Ads in New Jersey.   This is great news for operators as higher value customers normally come through search. Google has been very successful in the UK with betting ads and are hoping to replicate this in New Jersey.   However, we expect the auction to be quite intense from the get go. Things will ramp up in the coming months as we are in the off season of the NFL, NBA and NHL. Of the big four leagues, just MLB is […]


Branding for SMEs

Branding is a keystone to success for any business.  Your brand communicates what your company offers to potential and current consumers. Unfortunately many SMEs misunderstand the true meaning of branding. There is so much more to branding than a logo and slogan. You need to look at the values, intellect and culture of the business to fully develop a brand. Brand development can be difficult for SMEs as they lack the resources that their more well-established rivals can direct towards marketing efforts. The marketing efforts of a company can be […]

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Why Ignoring Competitors Is The Most Common PPC Related Mistake Made By CMOs

A key aspect of a Chief Marketing Officer’s job is budgeting. Marketing spends and channel performance are key considerations. Many CMOs budget for digital channels the same way they would for traditional media. When it comes to paid search this is a significant problem. Nobody can predict PPC spends and revenue accurately if your budget is essentially leaving you with no option but to own top position. Why is this? Surely, PPC is the most trackable and therefore predictable marketing channel? Well yes it is trackable, however, there is a […]

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iOS Native App Requirement for Betting Apps

The betting industry is about to go through the biggest change since the requirement to obtain a UKGC licence. The deadline has been extended from September 3rd, 2019 to March 3rd, 2020. Apple Have Stopped Betting Functionality on Wrapped Apps Apple have announced that online betting will be only allowed on native apps. Therefore, when you consider that the vast majority of betting apps are wrapped versions of their website this is literally crisis time for many operators. What does this mean? It means that any bookmaker who is serious […]


2019 Top 10 Marketing & Business Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great way to consume valuable information in small or big doses. There are 100s of business and marketing podcasts out there to listen to. We have ranked 2019’s Top 10 Marketing & Business Podcasts below. HBR Ideacast by Harvard Business Review This podcast features regular discussion and interviews between HBR editor Sarah Green Carmichael and leading industry contributors, journalists and scientists. Every week this podcast gives great insight and advice for anyone interested in business. Episodes range between five minutes and half […]


Betslip Optimisation – Five Essential Tips for Optimising the Betslip

Betslip optimisation is one of the most important factors for your business. Therefore, you should prioritise it in your day to day operations plan. Importance of the Betslip The betslip is arguably a Sportsbook’s most important feature from a customer perspective. It is also the most important feature from a revenue generation standpoint. Therefore, the betslip should be front and centre in your optimisation plans. Optimising the Betslip Think of the betslip as a shopping cart/checkout, keep it clear, simple, intuitive and most importantly, make it easy for a customer […]

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Nine Common Marketing Mistakes Made By Online Betting Companies

Online betting is a strange sector. From the outside it seems straightforward. Many marketers in other industries think that betting executives have it easy. However, in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. Online Betting Marketing – Constant Competition Online betting is one of the most competitive sectors. This is reflected in the extremely high cost per click on Google Ads. Think about it, every bet must be fought for. Users have multiple betting apps on their phone. There is zero barrier to switching. As a result, this ultra […]


Why Ad Customizers are Essential for Sports Betting PPC Campaigns

PPC for sports betting is difficult at the best of times. Although the CPCs are lower than casino terms there is much more work involved in managing a fully optimised PPC campaign in sports. PPC Sports Betting Getting an Edge You should be looking for any type of edge on your competitors in the auction be they affiliates or other operators. Over the years I have found that using time-sensitive ad copy and targeted offers can deliver impressive results. However, getting the workflow right is key to successfully applying this […]


How to Reduce Generic CPA on Google Ads

We all know the feeling. Your boss is asking for more, and yes you can get more, but the cost per click is way too high at top position to deliver a CPA that even resembles your target. Yes, that infamous request again of both “volume and value” at the same time. Google Ads – Reduce CPA So what do you do? Do you roll out the age old PPC manager line of “We can’t get more at current CPA targets, it’s like trying to buy an apartment in Central […]