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The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made By Affiliate Marketing Managers

Being an Affiliate Marketing Manager is all about getting the basics right and structuring your day/week correctly. There are a number of pitfalls that you need to be wary of when working in the world of affiliates. There is no textbook answer to all of the problems faced by an Affiliate Marketing Manager on a […]

The NFL Makes A Betting Move

Following on from their live betting broadcast trial with the Washington Redskins during the preseason, the NFL has made another advance toward the betting world by signing an agreement with sports data experts Sportradar. Sportradar – who has partnerships with the MLB, NHL and NBA – has signed a deal to become the exclusive distributor […]

Affiliate Management: Customer Retention vs New Player Acquisition

It’s the age old argument in many companies that I have worked for; the CRM department not being able to extract value from the new players and blaming the Acquisition department and the Acquisition department blaming the CRM department when a deal looks bad. Developing a cross-department acquisition/retention strategy is key for driving player value. […]

Sports Betting SEO

With legalised sports betting sweeping across the United States and more and more countries globally regulating the sector, Sports Betting SEO has never been more important. SEO in 2019 is quite a bit different to SEO in 2010. This applies to sports betting sites. A large number of on-page and off-page variables contribute to your […]

NFL To Trial Live Betting Broadcasts

The NFL is taking a further step toward embracing gambling with a live betting broadcast of the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns pre-season game on NBC Sports Washington this Thursday night. The Redskins are following in the footsteps of their NBA neighbours, the Washington Wizards, who aired eight betting broadcasts during the regular season. NBC […]

Esports Betting – How Can It Become Mainstream?

According to research firm Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, it is predicted that over $8 billion will be wagered on esports by the end of this year (2019). Esports betting seems to be building a solid base. This is a significant amount, especially when you consider that esports is only in its infancy. The potential for […]

Betting Industry Guide: How to Structure Your Marketing Team

This guide will help you structure your marketing team which will reduce conflicts of interest and bottlenecks. Many betting companies can improve performance by changing the way their different marketing teams are organised. This guide outlines some core principles that will help you build your marketing team.   Create Synergy – Get You Channel Teams […]

10 Tips to Improve Your Email Open Rates

Email marketing is the practice of sending out content-rich emails to customers and prospects. Email marketing has one of the highest engagement rates and return on investment of any marketing strategy. The main issue with marketing emails is that consumers are bombarded with them on a daily basis. Email fatigue affects open rates. We may […]

PPC Strategies Used By Betting and Casino Affiliates – Revealed

Look at the ads on the top generic betting terms. As you can see, most of them are affiliates. As a result, many marketing managers at betting/casino operators are asking the question “How come affiliates can pay hundreds of pounds per click?”   Well, there are a number of reasons for this. The first thing […]

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10 Improvements for your Registration Page

Those who enjoy filling out registration forms are few and far between. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary step in gaining access to any sports betting or gaming website. Forms can be tedious and complicated which may result in poor conversion or high drop off rates. The registration page may be the first point of interaction a user […]

How to Leverage YouTube for your Business

Social media marketing for business is a tricky area to navigate. LinkedIn is usually the focus for B2B companies while Facebook and Instagram are used more by B2C brands. YouTube is an underrated and underutilized marketing channel. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with nearly 2 billion monthly active users. Your […]

The Rise of Amazon Ads

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon juggernaut has a new target in its sights – advertising. The online advertising industry is growing and is expected to account for over 50% of global ad expenditure for the first time ever in 2021. Amazon look set to be the first company to break-up Google and Facebook’s long held duopoly in […]