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Affiliate Marketing Tips for Busy CMOs

I have been really surprised with some CMOs and other senior members of staff running sportsbooks and casino with their lack of understanding or affinity to affiliates. This is usually a result of bad experiences with mismanagement, overspending and under performance. We know that CMOs have to cover a lot of ground and you may […]

Advertising Regulations & Affiliates

Increased advertising regulations have had a major impact on the gambling sector in recent years. These tougher regulations have had a particularly strong impact on how bookmakers promote their offering on affiliate sites. The increase in regulation means that each affiliate manager needs to be on the ball as to how their affiliates are promoting […]

The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made By Affiliate Marketing Managers

Being an Affiliate Marketing Manager is all about getting the basics right and structuring your day/week correctly. There are a number of pitfalls that you need to be wary of when working in the world of affiliates. There is no textbook answer to all of the problems faced by an Affiliate Marketing Manager on a […]

Affiliate Management: Customer Retention vs New Player Acquisition

It’s the age old argument in many companies that I have worked for; the CRM department not being able to extract value from the new players and blaming the Acquisition department and the Acquisition department blaming the CRM department when a deal looks bad. Developing a cross-department acquisition/retention strategy is key for driving player value. […]