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Announcing Our Partnership With Code Factory Group

Over the last year, we have been working with Code Factory Group on a number of projects. Code Factory Group and ourselves here at Rock Digital have been delighted with the results. So much so that both of us decided to take our partnership to the next level. We are happy to announce that Rock […]

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Will 2018 See Voice Betting Introduced To The Market?

Will 2018 see Voice Betting introduced to the Market? The way people search online is starting to change, rapidly, with voice search being the “new thing”. We have Apple’s Siri Google Voice, Amazon Echo and Microsoft’s Cortana and chatting to our devices is now normal.With upwards of 20% of searches coming through search and marketing […]

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PPC Sports Betting Sites – Guide to Success

PPC Sports Betting Sites: Overview Paid Search is a major part of the marketing mix of most online bookmakers. It is the cornerstone of many online gaming sites’ marketing strategy. Many C level executives love it because you don’t have to buy multiple placements in advance. You can turn it on and off as you […]