Cost Per Session – The Online Sportsbook and Casino KPI for 2020

Yes I know. We have been all working to CPA targets for donkeys. However, have you heard your CRM team complain that they can’t get the value out of customers anymore?

Well, it makes perfect sense, especially in regulated markets that are over-saturated like the UK. Now, I have always said that ATL campaigns are just as much about retention as acquisition. Many of the top operators agree and have built retention metrics into their reports relating to TV and Print etc.


Cost Per Session – Share of Mind

But now, let’s bite the bullet. Digital direct response teams have to pivot in order to get “share of mind” and subsequently “share of wallet.” Yes, it is going to a major headache.

A cost per session approach ties the CRM and the Acquisition teams together. We should rename the acquisition team the advertising team and align CRM and Advertising targets.

Here is a brief slide deck that covers how you can go about implementing a cost per session approach.


Slide Deck – Cost Per Session in Betting