Enterprise Ireland Digitalisation Voucher

Enterprise Ireland have recently launched a new funding opportunity for Irish businesses through a Digitalisation Voucher. The objective of this voucher is to provide these businesses with the digital skills and tools they need to improve performance and encourage business growth. The Digitalisation Voucher covers advisory costs of up to €9,000 to work with any of their approved providers, of which The Unit is one. Eligible projects must include one of the following:

  • Improving the Digital Customer Experience
  • Internal Process Optimisation
  • Becoming a Data-Driven Business

Boosting Your Online Presence

This is a great opportunity for Irish businesses to boost their online presence. Successful applicants have all their costs covered by the voucher thanks to 100% funding from Enterprise Ireland. It is open to new and existing Enterprise Ireland clients operating in the manufacturing and/or internationally traded services industries. There is also two alternative routes to eligibility.

  • Companies who employ less than 50 people and have been affected by COVID with either an increase in operational costs or a projected 15% reduction in turnover.
  • Enterprise Ireland clients who are eligible for De Minimis aid.

The Digitalisation Voucher is available to eligible companies to access independent technical, marketing and sales advisory services related to the current and future operations of their business. These services must be obtained from an approved provider as listed on the Enterprise Ireland website.

The Unit has worked on a number of Enterprise Ireland projects in the past and we are looking forward to working with businesses as they work to improve their digital and online presence with the help of the Digitalisation Voucher.

Enterprise Ireland Digitalization Voucher customer experience

Eligible Costs – Digitalisation Voucher

The voucher covers advisory and technical services related to the operations of the business from an approved service provider up to a value of €9,000. The maximum daily consultancy rate is €900. The current funding call is now open for applications until the end of 2021. Once approved, each project should last no more than six weeks.

Enterprise Ireland have outlined a number of eligible costs for this voucher. These include a review of all operational processes and systems (sales, finance, production, logistics), a review of current products, services and digital channels to create a high quality experience for their customers and a review of key performance data to identify gaps and improvement opportunities. There is a full breakdown of eligible project costs available on the Enterprise Ireland website.

Eligible activities do not include design work, installation or project implementation. The output of the project will be a plan and strategy to tackle the issues identified during the review.

Digitalisation Voucher Application

You can apply for the Digitalisation Voucher through the Enterprise Ireland Application Portal. Successful applicants can submit one full claim outlining all costs accrued during the project.

The Unit can help you with your application. Enterprise Ireland are encouraging businesses to get their application in early so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info@thisistheunit.com to get your application started.

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