Gamstop Self-Exclude Scheme – How it Will Change Marketing KPIs

The centralised self-exclude scheme called Gamstop has been rolled out over the last number of months.

It will become compulsory for UKGC licensees. Therefore, it is important to brief your marketing team on how this scheme is going to impact your marketing KPIs.

How Will Gamstop Self-Exclude Scheme Impact Your Marketing Channels

In the medium to long-term, the scheme is good for marketers as it will mean that the casual punter will become more important to betting brands.

Firms that focus on giving these customers the best possible experience will win out.

However, in the short term, there will be an adjustment required to a varying degree across all marketing channels as customers who have excluded from other operators are removed.

Presentation Slide Deck Gamstop Self-Exclude Scheme – Marketing

The deck below covers the main areas Marketing Managers in the UK betting space should be aware of.