Google Ads Betting PPC – Countries Allowed

Many betting CMOs are actively planning to enter markets outside the UK. In doing so, if they hold the appropriate licence they can advertise on Google Ads.

As more and more countries have proper regulatory regimes in place, Google has concurrently opened up to betting.


Google Ads Betting

You need to be licenced in the relevant jurisdiction and also need to be approved by Google for the territory concerned.

Here is a list of the jurisdictions that Google allows gambling ads:


Countries where Betting PPC Google Ads are Allowed

Casino Bingo Sports Lotteries Other
Australia x x
Austria x x x x
Belgium x x x x
Brazil Horse Racing x
Bulgaria x x x
Croatia x x x
Czech x x x x
Denmark x x x x Fantasy



Casino Bingo Sports Lotteries Other
France x x x x
Germany x x
Greece x x x x
Hungary x
India  Rummy, DFS
Ireland x x x x
Lithuania x x x x
Mexico x x x x
Portugal x x x x


Casino Bingo Sports Lotteries Other
Romania x x x x
Serbia x x x x
Slovakia x x x x
South Africa x
Spain x x x x
Sweden x x x x
United Kingdom x x x x
United States (NEW JERSEY ONLY) x DFS


If you have any questions on expanding you paid search advertising into any of the territories above then drop us a line.