Google Ads – PPC Magic – One Ad Group for Your Entire Account

Some people marvel at the lastest car designs. Some people gaze for hours at buildings from the worlds top architects. I believe this post covers something just as wonderous. In fact, it’s pure magic. Its the one ad group Google Ads account.

One Ad Group That’s Impossible!

No, it’s not. In fact, it is probably the best account structure for about 90% of PPC accounts in the world today. Really it is. I know you are sitting in shock but I am serious. Therefore, you might be surprised at the advantages of this approach.

Why Deploy The One Ad Group Structure

There are lots of reasons but here are the main ones:

  1. Reduced day to day time managing accounts
  2. Allows for more strategic thinking
  3. Gives customers the most relevant ad copy and landing page
  4. Increases CTR
  5. Conversion should improve.
  6. Increases QS

Ok, so I know why. Now tell me how.

How To Create a Single Ad Group PPC Account on Google Ads

There are two parts to this.

  1. Use Ad Customizers
  2. Set URLs at the keyword level

Here is a brief slide deck showing how to do it.



Single Ad Group Google Ads Accounts – Conclusion

In conclusion, for 90% of accounts, this is the best set up because it saves time and gives you granular control of your copy and landing pages. Essentially, it delivers the best bang for your buck.

All in all, you should consider this setup. Look if you are a huge company then you probably need a more advanced setup. However, I’m positive that most small to mid-level accounts can benefit greatly.

If you want to try this out this set up let me know, I’ll be interested in hearing how it goes. Using Ad Customizers is a default for me at this stage. I’d like to see how people who are just starting to use them get on.

In summary, there are different ways to manage PPC outside of the traditional approach. As a result, you should test something different out every now and then.