Google Ads – PPC Sports Betting Ads for the United States

Google has announced that it will be allowing gambling ads on Google Ads in more US states. Currently, they are only permitted in New Jersey, Nevada and West Virginia.

Officially, Google started in New Jersey as a trial, but all of us in the industry knew from the get-go, that the trial would be successful. It was only a matter of time before they rolled approval out to more states.


New States That Google Allow Sports Betting PPC Ads

So, big Goo has announced that they are about to allow sports betting ads in

  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Montana

What’s more, casino ads will likely only be a few months out as well.


What Now for Sports Betting Operators

There are a number of important factors operators need to take on board. Firstly, they must build the right team be it 100% internal or consisting of an experienced agency.  Experience in betting PPC is the most important part of this. So, we strongly advise hiring or engaging people with European operator experience.

Get in contact with us for a chat on how to structure your US PPC team to get the most from Google’s policy changes.

Secondly, BI and analysis set up are critical. Make sure you use value track parameters and store them on your customer database.

Number three, plug any gaps in conversion. Believe, this is the making or breaking of your sports betting PPC program.

We have covered PPC for sports betting in greater detail in our previous post “PPC Sports Betting Sites – Guide to Success.


What Now for Sports Betting Affiliates

It looks like affiliates who promote regulated sites that can take legal bets within the states concerned will be allowed to also run ads.

The affiliate CPA model lends itself to PPC. When this is considered, there is potential for significant affiliate growth via paid search.


Huge Opportunity of PPC Affiliates in the US

This is a huge opportunity for affiliates and no doubt some of the bigger guys are licking their chops to get started. Since search typically brings in high-quality customers affiliates can cash in by starting their own private auctions on their PPC landing pages.

Overview of the affiliate PPC model for sports betting


Likely Fallout – Google Ads Sports Betting US

Ad depth is the core driver of CPCs on Google Ads. Depending on the number of sites regulated in each jurisdiction CPCs are likely to vary from state to state. However, the major issue that will determine how much acquiring a customer will cost is Affiliates.

Ultimately, margins will be tight but even at that, there will be a significant opportunity for sports betting operators and affiliates alike to have their marketing fundamentals refined to the point of competitive advantage.

Remember, profitable keywords targeting and bidding is only facilitated by your conversion rate and CRM (customer retention and cross-sell) performance.


Prices (Odds) are key to keeping customers

Trading is often overlooked by inexperienced marketers in the betting sector. However, prices are key to retaining customers in the medium to long term. Also, the relationship with Casino and how cross-sell works within an operator is a driving factor in opening up keyword auctions for the PPC team.


Retention and Cross-Sell is Golden – Short US Sport Seasons Increase Importance

Ultimately, the higher the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) the more aggressive your PPC team can be and the more customers you will get. Cross sport and cross-product selling are both essential. In reality, this is where the PPC battle is won.

If you are setting up a PPC team for the US and would like to discuss team augmentation while you are getting up and running just drop us a line.