How to Reduce Generic CPA on Google Ads

We all know the feeling. Your boss is asking for more, and yes you can get more, but the cost per click is way too high at top position to deliver a CPA that even resembles your target.

Yes, that infamous request again of both “volume and value” at the same time.

Google Ads – Reduce CPA

So what do you do?

Do you roll out the age old PPC manager line of “We can’t get more at current CPA targets, it’s like trying to buy an apartment in Central London for £150,000. Give me a CPA target that I can work with captain.”

The CMO simply turns around and says “That’s not good enough.”

Like a referee in a boxing match your CMO is saying “show me something” when you are on the ropes. You can’t just lean back and take the punches.

So what can you do?

You see, and this is something nobody tells you when you take your first steps down the path of SEM. They don’t even include this in job descriptions. Your job is half SEM manager half alchemist.

You can see all the gears of the conversion machine. However, in most cases (sadly) you only control one or two of them. Not ideal, but it is all you have got.

Yet you are expected to magically deliver high conversion rates with only half the tools.

When Conversion Rate Optimisation is Not an Option

So I know, your conversion funnel needs an overhaul. If you increased your conversion rate you could easily bid up to top position. But lets face it, that’s not going to happen because your designer and  developer are booked up until the new year.

However, I have some good news.

Short of the above, there is a great was to cut CPA on high cost generic keywords.

I call it the “Bait and Boost” technique.

Use content as bait to build a cookie pool for RLSAs. RLSAs are search ads targeted at people on a remarketing list.

By doing this you can…

  • Appear top position when people on the list search for your generic term.
  • Your Ads will perform better and your CPA will be lower.

So, what are the steps?

Here is the deck:

Here is a video version:

The Eight Steps are here:

1) Create Content


Embedded Video
YouTube Video
Blog Post
Embedded deck
Q&A Session
Online Seminar
Step by Step Guide
Embedded Podcast

2. Set up a new audience list in Google Analytics

3. Trigger a goal or page view when the content is consumed

4. Import the list from GA to Google Ads.

5. Push the content

Push on these networks.

LinkedIn Groups
Facebook Groups
Browser Pushes

6. Drop >1000 cookies.

7. Bid adjust upwards for the audience list.

8. Appear top position on search for your audience list.

If you have applied this technique to your campaigns. Let us know how it goes.