How to win EURO 2020 – 5 Marketing Tips for Sportsbooks

The summer of 2021 is filled with top sporting events for us all to get excited about. We have the Olympic Games in Tokyo, a Lions Tour of South Africa, the return of Wimbledon and of course EURO 2020. Delayed by a year, 2021’s headline football event is taking place across the continent. There are games taking place from Baku to Glasgow with the semi-finals and final being hosted by Wembley.

Online has become a key battleground for brands to engage customers around big events like the Euros. In fact, a recent YouGov survey showed that 76% of bettors in the UK plan to place their EURO 2020 bets via an online sportsbook. With that being said, we are bringing you five marketing tips to help you engage new players and reduce churn rates of existing players for your sportsbook.

1. Be Creative

This applies to both offers and advertising. It’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd so it’s important to be innovative with any of your boosted bets or assets. A one size fits all approach does not work anymore. Not everyone fits the average betting customer mould, think outside the box about how you can attract new users to your site. Contextual in-play advertisements and dynamic ad creatives are something to think of this summer. Think quality over quantity.

2. Use Video

Video content is a great way to give your brand a relatable identity and engage users. We have been banging the drum about video content for some time now. It continues to be an extremely useful medium for growing awareness of your brand. Your EURO 2020 marketing strategy should include long-form as well as short-form video content that can be used across a range of platforms. It helps grow awareness of your brand and contributes to player retention. Videos are great for engagement and the ROI can be huge.

3. Stay Consistent

It is important that you keep your brand messaging consistent across all channels. From social to print, your branding needs to be on point  to remain top of mind for potential users. Everyone engages with a big event like EURO 2020, especially in participating countries. Therefore, it’s important to stay in front of your audience with consistent messaging to engage new players and retain existing users of your sportsbook.

4. Social Media

While you will need to incorporate many different channels into your EURO 2020 marketing plan, social media should be a priority. The EUROs will increase social media traffic meaning social media marketing will become all the more important. Everyone will be scrolling on their phone trying to keep up with the discussions on Twitter and Facebook and watching content from their favourite players and creators on Instagram. Engaging with this audience will be one of the keys to success for your EURO 2020 campaign.

It is expected that sportsbooks and betting brands will be able to rival some of the traditional media outlets with their tournament insight this year. Expect to see bookmakers using their brand ambassadors to create engaging content on social media. This could vary from football legends to creators and influencers that may appeal to the ‘non-traditional’ football supporter that you see around tournament time. The Euros presents sportsbooks with a great opportunity to engage with this audience.

5. Focus On The Stats

As I already said, people are guaranteed to be scrolling on their phone during this year’s EURO 2020 games. From a betting perspective, many of them will be looking for some insight on who and what to place their next bet on. Sportsbooks can add to the user experience with in-depth game stats. This is another opportunity for brands to step in on areas usually dominated by traditional media. Share in-play statistics and real-time updates to your offering. This year’s Euros will be all about engaging users in an original way across multiple platforms.

With EURO 2020 fast approaching, it’s never too late for brands to supercharge their marketing efforts for the big tournament.

EURO 2020 Infographic - marketing tips for sportsbooks