Implementing SEO Best Practice

Mark O'Hare

Google is notoriously secretive about how they rank sites and their algorithms change regularly but for the most part SEO best practices have stood the test of time. With that in mind, we have taken a look at how you can implement SEO best practice on your site.

What are the challenges to implementing SEO best practice?

Development Resources: SEO takes time and effort. More often than not, SEO work is put to one side as companies focus on more ‘tangible’ projects. It’s understandable that resources get stretched from time to time but SEO should still be part of your marketing strategy.

Short-term Thinking: Short-term thinking is a challenge in two ways. If your overall business strategy doesn’t have a long-term plan then more often than not SEO will be neglected as it doesn’t tend to deliver short-term results. Similarly, if you do include SEO but only focus on ‘quick wins’ then you will most likely not see positive results. Google’s algorithms change regularly so your initial focus should be on implementing the SEO basics.

Siloed Teams: This is a common problem. A lack of communication between departments/teams makes everyone’s job harder. SEO should be factored into front-end designs from conception to execution.

SEO Best Practices

The term SEO covers a wide range of tasks and ideas that could impact your online business. There are a couple of SEO basics that every company should have a handle on. Below is an on-page SEO checklist with info on all the basic SEO components you need on your website.

SEO Checklist

  1. Title Tags: This tells search engines what your article is about. They should be unique for every page.
  2. Meta Description: These describe to search engines what your page is about. Your focused keyword should appear twice in the meta description.
  3. Header Tags: Again these are used to describe the content on your page. You should only have H1 tag per page. H2-H6 can be used more than once and indicate the hierarchy of content on the page.
  4. Image Alt Tags: As described above. Alt tags are good for search engines and accessibility. You should accurately describe what appears in each image on the page. Advancements have been made in how Google understands as as their AI becomes more prominent we could see image SEO practices changing over time.
  5. Internal and External Links: Internal links helps search engines identify what pages are relevant on your site. A major plus for SEO. Provide external links to the original source of any of your content (statistics, images etc.). External linking may also help in the link-building process. It’s best to operate a quality-over-quantity approach here. We can create content that helps your business climb the search engine rankings. We also have a detailed link-building process that helps your site build authority and get recognised by search engines.
  6. Keywords: Your focused keyword should be included in the main areas of the page including the Title, H1 and the body of the page. Make sure to identify the most searched keywords for your topic so you can include them on the page.

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How does this impact acquisition?

By implementing SEO best practices you should see an increase in website traffic and revenue. Again this is a long-term process but over time you will see the results.

In contrast, if your SEO opportunity is not being maximised you will require more spend on other areas or marketing. We see this regularly where companies spend big on paid advertising to overcome their shortfalls in SEO.

Sometimes PPC and other types of paid advertising are the correct ways for your company to acquire customers but these marketing channels should not be a substitute for poor SEO.

The Unit has helped a number of companies overcome their SEO issues. We complement teams under time-pressure from other aspects of the job and cater for the ‘important bits’ that they don’t have time to get to.

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