Instagram’s New Tool Will Let You Automatically Filter Out Abusive DMs

Instagram recently announced a new feature that will allow you to filter out abusive direct message requests you receive.

The new tool will filter out messages containing offensive words, emojis or phrases.

In recent months many prominent prominent figures have revealed the racist, sexist and abusive messages they receive on the platform.

This has resulted in a growing number of social media blackouts in protest at the large social media companies and their policing of such content.

Instagram Update 2021

How does the new Instagram feature work?

The latest update from Instagram builds on their work to combat hate speech on the platform.

The new feature will allow you to toggle it on or off in a new section of the apps privacy section called ‘hidden words’.

If switched on, messages that contain offensive words, phrases or emojis will be placed in a separate folder. You will also be able to apply this to comments under an account’s posts.

However, you can still tap into the message to read, delete or report it.

New Instagram Update 2021

Is this new feature available now?

Instagram confirmed it will begin rolling out the new feature to the UK  and “several countries” in the coming weeks.

They also announced a tool that will allow users to preemptively block new accounts from people they have already blocked.

The social media company will use “a number of factors” to detect new accounts from the same users.

The new feature is expected to be pushed out globally in the coming weeks.

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