iOS Native App Requirement for Betting Apps

The betting industry is about to go through the biggest change since the requirement to obtain a UKGC licence.

The deadline has been extended from September 3rd, 2019 to March 3rd, 2020.

Apple Have Stopped Betting Functionality on Wrapped Apps

Apple have announced that online betting will be only allowed on native apps. Therefore, when you consider that the vast majority of betting apps are wrapped versions of their website this is literally crisis time for many operators.

What does this mean?

It means that any bookmaker who is serious about providing their customers on iOS devices with the best customer experience must move from a wrapped app to a native app.

If they don’t retention rates among iOS users will fall dramatically.

Unfortunately, many betting companies are not ready to do this. They have relied on wrapped apps for too long. As a result, the turnaround deadline of September 3rd March 3rd 2020 is simply not feasible for many.

Betting Brands with Native Apps Will Dominate

Those betting companies with the foresight to invest in a native app will see a massive influx of new customers and increased retention rates on iOS devices.

Therefore, for a period of time these companies some respite from the intense competition within the betting sector.

What Should You Do if You Don’t Have a Native App?

It’s not a question of growth it is really a question of retention. If you do not develop a native betting app, you will customers on iOS fall away to competitors.

Consequently, this represents a waste of the advertising spend used to acquire these customers in the first place, but also a huge loss of future revenue as these customers migrate to a competitor who has a native app.

In conclusion, there area number of experienced betting development houses that can help. We are one of them and have allocated internal resources specifically to helping companies with this issue.

We have heard from a number of betting companies. As a result, we understand that this is a major issue. Don’t worry, we can lay out the steps you need to take given your current odds feeds, settlement engine and backend.

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