Live Casino Marketing – The Complete Guide


Starting a new live casino can be daunting. Live casino marketing is complex and required a full understanding of how the customer views your online casino.

PPC traffic costs £120 per click and upwards for the top keywords. Often the developers have built the site in the most unfriendly SEO way possible. The CMO/CEO of the business wants results now and has no interest in branding.

On top of the above, Affiliate sites are looking for CPA deals over £400.

Marketing Strategy for a New Live Casino

So how do you get a live casino site off the ground if you are not a Tier 1 operator with a massive sportsbook database or “standard” casino primed for cross-selling?

Your Live Casino Product is the Key to Successful Marketing

The most important part of a successful marketing strategy for Live Casino is the product. Dedicated tables are a major help and are key to keeping VIPs engaged.

A good VIP programme is important and you should also offer a number of providers. It might seem like overkill having Evolution, Microgaming, and NetEnt on your site but this gives your customers

In some cases, they may only use a certain provider/operator combination. You could be the live casino of choice for Evolution for a major VIP. They may play NetEnt elsewhere but they always use you for Evolution.

You also should be able to track revenue from all products (sportsbook, standard casino etc.) back to your Live Casino acquisition campaigns.

This will give a true representation of ROI. Don’t leave any revenue unaccounted for. Understanding the sources of revenue is just as important as knowing the costs. If this data is hard to get, put your foot down and demand whatever resources are needed. We know if you under-reported costs all hell would break lose!

Paid Search for Live Casino

You are just going to have to bite the bullet and pay £100+ CPC on average here (yes we know there are a few £70 CPCs in the mix). However, if your Live Casino site is up to scratch this can be one of the fastest ways to get payback on your media spend. Optimise campaigns based on customer performance and not on a static CPA target.

A couple of important PPC tips for Live Casino

a) Try not including a welcome bonus in your ad copy or on your landing page (make sure you test this).
Live casino players do not seem to care about welcome bonuses. Plus they play mostly blackjack and roulette so the turnover requirements when game weightings are considered are quite large.

They would rather just deposit and play. Remove any distractions like Welcome Bonuses.

b) Test a landing (squeeze page) against the homepage of your live casino.

Live Casino players seem to like to browse a bit before they sign up. If your homepage is well laid out from a UX standpoint you may find that it outperforms you landing (squeeze) page.

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – App Install Campaigns for Live Casino

If you have a standalone Live Casino app you should consider running campaigns on YouTube (with a video), Facebook and Twitter.

This is great as you can use push notifications once the app is installed. Also, driving download volume is important for App Store Optimisation (ASO). Make sure you have AppsFlyer or something similar functioning correctly on your app before you start.

Programmatic and Retargeting (Not on Google)

MediaMath and social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be used for retargeting. You should consider three basic strategies. Unfortunately, Google does not let gambling companies run remarketing campaigns.

  1. Target people who have visited your site.
  2. Target people who have registered but not deposited.
  3. Target lapsed VIPs.
  4. Apply a “front of mind” strategy around your best customers.

SEO Live Casino – Apply Technical Best Practices

So many Live Casino Sites do not put their best foot forward in terms of SEO. Getting this right is probably the best ROI on any marketing activity. Get your SEO team to design the page. I am serious. Your SEO team should be the first team to wireframe your Live Casino site.

Make sure that there is plenty of text and unique pages for live casino (parent), live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat (optimise for live punto banco as well). When done do a technical SEO audit.

Apply the correct structured data markup for each game.

Page speed is also key. It is important that you monitor this. New Relic is a useful tool that you should consider using.

If you get all your ducks in a row from a technical SEO standpoint you will have a head start on most of your competitors including some of the bigger players.


Last but certainly not least, branding. This is often forgotten by many Tier 2 and below operators. They look at how Tier 1 operators spend tens of millions per year on just branding and decide it is not for them.

Well, you don’t need to spend all that on branding. A Tier 2 or 3 operator can build a brand and become known for a quality Live Casino product. YouTube and Social (Twitter and Facebook) are probably the most underused brand building tools.

Above The Line investment is worthwhile given the high cost of Direct response such a PPC. Investing in your brand will see an increase in “direct” and “PPC & SEO brand” conversions. This should be attributed to your above the line spend.

Spend Time on Your Strategy

In order to be successful, you need all the channels above working together. Success in the Live Casino market is possible it just takes the right strategy.