Nine Common Marketing Mistakes Made By Online Betting Companies

Online betting is a strange sector. From the outside it seems straightforward. Many marketers in other industries think that betting executives have it easy. However, in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Online Betting Marketing – Constant Competition

Online betting is one of the most competitive sectors. This is reflected in the extremely high cost per click on Google Ads.

Think about it, every bet must be fought for. Users have multiple betting apps on their phone. There is zero barrier to switching. As a result, this ultra competitive environment may cause problems to not betting marketing executives who enter the sector.

Therefore, it is important for anybody getting involved in online betting for the first time to be aware of the nine core mistakes that betting sites make.

Here are the top nine marketing mistakes made by betting sites.

Top Nine Marketing Mistakes in Online Betting

1) Using only CPA targets for Acquisition.
2) Not implementing a properly resourced SEO plan.
3) Priortising Sportsbook over Casino.
4) Leaving all UX decisions to the opinions of your design team.
5) Not accounting for the true drivers of direct (free) traffic.
6) Removing outliers from reports.
7) Keeping revenue in product silos.
8) Not pushing the “sponsorship story” once the initial deal is done. Not providing resources for mini-documentaries, social media etc.)
9) Not paying to advertise to your current customer base.

Marketing Mistakes – Brand

The over arching mistakes that really covers all nine is the lack of brand marketing.

Betting is a brand play and the most successful companies have all developed a brand identity. They have consistently stayed on point with there identity for a number of years and now reap the rewards.

In conclusion, these mistakes are easy to fix. However, if you can avoid making them in the first place you will be all the better for it.

For instance, think about the massive budgets spent on paid search alone. As a result, avoiding these marketing mistakes will improve your marketing ROI substantially.

Above all, implementing a holistic marketing strategy is the key to success.