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Feargal Byrne, Head of Digital Marketing
I have 16 years experience managing PPC ads across ecommerce, B2B, online betting and financial services. In that time, I have developed an approach that will help you grow revenues and get an optimal return on your advertising spend Feargal Byrne, Head of Digital Marketing, The Unit



We are a Certified Google Partner and take pride in helping companies like you grow and achieve their full potential.

Full-Service PPC Agency

Paid search is more than just bidding on keywords. To be successful you must build a relationship with your agency partner. You can get advice and supports on landing page design, conversion optimisation, CRM requirements, performance metrics and campaign planning.

Ultimately, we help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Is Paid Search for Your Business?

We can help you determine where PPC sits in your marketing mix. If it is the primary driver of new sales or should it work back in conjunction with other channels like social media. All in all, you will gain a greater understanding of the options and approaches available.

In some cases, we advise business not to proceed with paid search if their profit margins and customer lifetime value is not a good fit with the profile of the auctions in their sector.

You can get the benefit of years of experience by simply contacting us for a no-obligation appraisal.

Ecommerce and PPC

If you are looking to leverage PPC to drive sales on your online shop you will get campaign management and business support from us that goes deeper. We understand e-commerce across all advertising channels and can share our experience with you through paid search management, campaign planning and helping with top-level marketing budgets/plans.

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PPC For The C-Suite

If you are a CMO, COO, CFO or CEO these articles on Paid Search will give you some great insights and help you work with your PPC team to improve performance. As a result, you will gain further insight into the world of PPC.

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Key PPC Tips

There are a number of approaches that you can take when managing PPC. As a result, you must consider your sector, brand positioning and competitors. Here are some blog posts we have written over the years that will give you extra insights into building a PPC strategy.

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PPC Agency Frequently Asked Questions

When should you use a PPC Agency?

You should use a PPC Agency if you do not have the skills in-house and do not plan on building a PPC team.

How much does a PPC Agency charge?

Typically between 10% – 15% of ad spend. There is usually a minimum fee and in some cases a performance component to the agreement.

What makes a successful PPC Campaign?

High landing page conversion rates along with super-relevant ads are key to PPC success. Also essential is a view of revenue driven by paid search including customer lifetime value.

Can I use PPC to do market research?

Yes, use the Keyword Planner tool on Google to get monthly historical search volume. This is a great gauge for demand.