PPC for US Sportsbooks

Eight Mistakes You Must Avoid When Running Sportsbook PPC Ads in the United States

These mistakes can cost you big. Make sure you don’t fall into the same traps that so many PPC advertisers without sportsbook experience do. 

This sports betting industry ebook will help you optimize the ROAS of your sports betting campaigns by highlighting the most important eight key pitfalls that you must avoid.

Mistakes in the following areas:

  • Misconceptions with search intent
  • Misunderstanding the inner workings of Sports Betting sites
  • Mistakes relating to budgeting and performance KPIs
  • Incorrect assumptions on who clicks PPC sports betting ads
  • Massive errors in your account set up that would be perfectly fine in other sectors
  • Being blindsided by competitors you are not even aware of
  • Mistakes made by not understanding the customer retention process

If you have never managed Paid Search in regulated sports betting territories before, then this guide is essential reading. It is all too common for people who are new to the industry and even experienced grey market marketers to flounder in the ultra-competitive PPC sports betting auctions in regulated territories.

This is extremely costly. However, with the right guidance, totally unnecessary. This guide will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in mistakes.



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Paddy Casey “You can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of inexperience when building out PPC campaigns for sports betting in regulated markets.

This ebook It will help you deliver on your Paid Search targets by avoiding mistakes that could lead to disaster.” Paddy Casey, Co-Founder, The Unit