PPC Online Casino USA – Google Ads Beta

Google has followed up their Sports Betting PPC beta with an announcement that they intend to launch Casino Ads across their digital platforms – Search, AdMob, GDN and YouTube. PPC Online Casino USA is now a major talking point for current and prospective market entrants.


This is massive news, but must be treated with caution by operators. CPCs are likely to start high and go even higher. Using the UK market as an example CPCs at £120 are not uncommon.


Full-Funnel Approach to PPC Online Casino USA

So, if you are looking at running Casino PPC Ads in the United States – Here is the skinny.


  1. First things first – test the registration form, especially on mobile devices ad nauseam.
  2. Make sure your offer is competitive.
  3. Exact match only – If you need a list of keywords I’ll give them to you. Just drop a note in our contact form.
  4. Understand that A/B testing traffic only from casino campaigns is very expensive. Remember in the UK, 1,000 clicks can cost £120,000 for top head terms. That could be your month’s budget on a test and at that, do you think that 1,000 clicks are enough to draw any conclusions?
  5. In reference to Part 4 – Use combined traffic from PPC and other channels to test your funnel. Break down that silo.
  6. Do not target [casino]
  7. Neg match “Robert DeNiro”
  8. Use valuetrack parameters and store the data on your customer database.
  9. Keyword Insertion + Business Data Text Insertion = High Relevancy
  10. Create unique pages for sitelinks
  11. Test not running an offer on Live Casino campaigns.

Now, that is a good start. However, there are a lot of options for account set up depending on your business goals.


This is especially the case if you plan to test offers or have a changing promotion schedule.


If you would like to discuss an approach to Google Ads for your casino drop us a line.