PPC Strategy for Casino and Poker – Webinar Summary

We held a Webinar on May 5th 2020 looking at PPC strategy for Casino and Poker sites. Thanks to everyone who attended.

Here is a summary of the key topics discussed and a shortened video version of the webinar for those who could not make it.

Webinar Video – PPC Strategy for Casino and Poker Operators

Webinar Summary

Casino/Poker Relationship

All roads should lead to casino. Therefore, view cross-sell to casino the ultimate goal of your poker campaigns. For example, look at customers who play mini-games and move to full casino play as the objective.

As a result, use poker as an acquisition and retention tool for casino.

Managing Campaigns

  • Don’t manage to CPA instead use handle.
  • Use theoretical hold to smooth out customer wins and losses.
  • Start with manual CPC as automated bidding is expensive to onboard.
  • Look at current user behaviour and mirror it with PPC bid modifiers – location, time, gender, age and device.
  • Focus on conversion rate optimisation especially on your registration form.


Store GCLID and use “offline” conversions

Also, store valuetrack parameters for offline analysis

If you have a good working relationship with your data analytics team include predicted CLV

Check if client downloads are tracked correctly

Check if app installs are tracking and attributing correctly

Leverage app installs on social media targeting PPC traffic on the back end

Business Data

  • Use business data for Ad Customizers
  • Great for specific slot game campaigns
  • Keyword specific targeting – custom descriptions etc
  • Improved quality score


  • Focus on VIPs
  • Use Ad Customizers – (Keyword Level)
  • Use Poker as a cross-sell/retention tool for Casino
  • Work with your CRM team
  • Work with your Product team
  • 1% of PPC Customers will drive the vast majority of revenue – “Outliers” are where it is at

All in all, by applying the suggestions above you will improve performance. As a result, you will be in a better position to benefit from the current boom in casino and poker searches.