Sports Betting Google Ads in New Jersey

Real Money Sportsbooks can now advertise on Google Ads in New Jersey.


This is great news for operators as higher value customers normally come through search. Google has been very successful in the UK with betting ads and are hoping to replicate this in New Jersey.


However, we expect the auction to be quite intense from the get go. Things will ramp up in the coming months as we are in the off season of the NFL, NBA and NHL. Of the big four leagues, just MLB is currently ongoing.


This means that stake volume may be slower at the moment. However, when all leagues are in full flow then we will see a true assessment of the value from PPC.


Customer Lifetime Value Is Key

It takes time to deliver payback on ad spend. As a result, a key element of a successful PPC campaign is optimizing your site and CRM. Google Ads will deliver good quality customers but that is only a starting point. PPC requires high lifetime values in the betting sector.


Your acquisition and retention teams must work together.


Six Tips to Set Up Your New Jersey Sportsbook Google Ads Account

So, for our friends in New Jersey here are a few top tips on how to manage your PPC campaigns.


  1. Tracking – Store keyword data and also GCLIDs on the customer database.
  2. Cross Sell – Although currently, Online Casino ads are not allowed, cross sell from sports to casino is vital. The reason why sportsbook CPCs are so high in the UK is because the casino element of customer lifetime value.
  3. Ad Customizers – There are essential for a sportsbook PPC campaign. The reason being that generic head terms are driven by different sporting events. You can tailor your
  4. Keyword level urls: This helps with identifying bonus abuse. You should implement a system of changing elements of the url regularly to stay one step ahead of forums and matched betting sites.
  5. A/B testing of landing pages and registration forms – This is important for landing pages but for betting sites we find optimizing the registration form will have a larget impact.
  6. Customer experience and CRM – You customer experience will set the bar at which you can target PPC. The better the customer experience/CRM the higher the customer lifetime value. This has a direct impact on your PPC strategy as a higher CLV means higher CPA targets which will translate into more customer acquisitions.

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