Why Ad Customizers are Essential for Sports Betting PPC Campaigns

PPC for sports betting is difficult at the best of times. Although the CPCs are lower than casino terms there is much more work involved in managing a fully optimised PPC campaign in sports.

PPC Sports Betting Getting an Edge

You should be looking for any type of edge on your competitors in the auction be they affiliates or other operators.

Over the years I have found that using time-sensitive ad copy and targeted offers can deliver impressive results. However, getting the workflow right is key to successfully applying this strategy.

Ad customizers are the best way to manage this.

How to Ad Customizers relate to Sports Betting

Example: Changing your copy for the football schedule.

a) £25 Free Bet on Premier League – Run Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon.

b) £25 Free Bet on Champions League – Run Tues, Wed

c) £25 Free Bet on Europa League – Run Thurs

d) £25 Free Bet on The Championship – Run Friday

So, why not just ad schedule?

Fixtures change on a week by week basis and the free bet/offer value may also change. Believe me, ad scheduling can end up being a mess.

Uploading, an ad customizer file in the business data section of Google Ads is much easier and less prone to errors.

Sports Betting – What You Need for Ad Customizers

  1. Formatted .csv /.xlsx file or a google sheet.
  2. Ads with default text
  3. Select Ad Customizer when you press “{” during ad creation on the Google Ads UI and follow the prompts.

Ad Customizers in Google Ads an Overview

Here is a brief overview of Google Ad Customizers.



Conclusion: Sports Betting PPC and Google Ad Customizers.

Given that you can change ad copy quickly and easier via Business Data sheet/feed. Ad Customizers are an essential part of the PPC Managers tool kit in the betting sector. They fit perfectly with the day to day requirements of managing a sports betting account.