Structured Data and The World Cup – SEO for Online Sportsbooks

The World Cup is huge for online betting sites. However, we have noticed that a lot of clicks on the organic listings are being dropped by most of the “well-known” betting sites because they don’t have structured data on important World Cup pages.
So, we decided to do a bit of research on “world cup odds” to see which operators were using structured data to enhance their SERPs (and get more clicks).
Results are as follows:

Key Findings:

  1. More Tier 2/3 operators are using structured data than Tier 1 operators.
  2. A very low percentage of Tier 1 operators are using structured data on odds/market pages for the World Cup.
  3. SportsEvent is the most popular –

Structured Data World Cup Report – Reaction

Actually, we weren’t surprised to find that tier 2/3 operators outperformed tier 1 operators in the report. Typically, smaller operators are more flexible and can implement the latest SEO best practice faster.


We find that the biggest barriers to SEO in the gaming/betting space are tech implementation bottlenecks because of a lack of dev. resources. Some of the best SEO teams around work in betting.
However, in many cases, it is like having Ronaldo and Messi in your squad but only naming them on the bench for every match.
It is another example of how development and marketing teams must work together. COOs of betting companies must provide marketing with appropriate resources to implement best practice.