The Five Pillars of Online Conversion Rate Optimisation

When most people think about conversion rate optimisation they envision button position, mobile accordions, fonts, load speed, form sequence etc.

Yes, these are essential parts of increasing conversion. However, it goes much deeper than that. Conversion is not just influenced by on-page factors, off-page factors can have just as big an influence.

Conversion Rate Optimisation – A Holistic Approach

A good offer can often get over a poor purchase path. Likewise, a good brand or awareness of your product can get over a poor landing page.

You see, when it comes down to conversion the off-page considerations matter just as much. So, instead of just looking at one specific page you should look at at the entire conversion ecosystem.

The Five Pillars of Online Conversion

  • Pillar 1: Your Brand
  • Pillar 2: Your Price/Offer
  • Pillar 3: Your Advertising
  • Pillar 4: Your Funnel
  • Pillar 5: Your Online Security

Pillar 1: Your Brand

The truth is that brand reputation influences conversion in both positive and negative ways. This is often missed by online conversion rate projects. Quite often the answer to “I tried exactly the same with company X and conversions were much higher. I don’t know why results aren’t as good?” is “Brand. Dummy!”

Pillar 2: Your Price/Offer

Look, coming from a heavy gambling marketing background this a trick I have applied numerous times. I call this the promo cost/CPA balancing act. There was a period when mobile funnels were so bad in the gambling sector that this approach was a must to get people over the hurdles to register. In summary, the more generous you offer or price the better the conversion.

Pillar 3: Your Advertising

Similar to brand, your advertising helps conversion. Above-the-line instils confidence and legitimacy to your business. As a result, conversion rates will increase. On top of this, time sensitivity and relevant messaging can be emphasised which will also aid conversion.

Pillar 4: Your Funnel

This is where on-page CRO kicks in. Mistakes at the bottom of your funnel (near sale completion) can be devastating. It’s like a goalkeeper receiving a back pass. One false move and they concede a goal. Start by reducing errors and then looking to improve performance by moving to the front foot.

Pillar 5: Your Security

This was a major issue when I first started my career many moons ago. Today complacency often overshadows it. The reality is that your site must be secure. People know what to look out for. Google Chrome notifies users of any security issue. As a result, make sure your site complies with any updates to Chrome or change in SSL recommendations from Google.


Of the five pillars of conversion, only one relates to on-page optimisation. It’s essential that all CRO projects you undertake take a holistic view before narrowing down to specific components of your strategy.

As a result, your conversion rates are more likely to improve.