Using LinkedIn Ads for B2B Success

For the few that don’t know, LinkedIn is one of the largest social media platforms in the world with over 650 million users. It’s where ambitious graduates, professionals and industry experts go to network, share content and build their brand. On the whole it’s a great platform. You can chat and learn from others in your industry and take advantage of some of the free training courses on LinkedIn Learning.

If you manage your company’s social accounts then you probably know how useful LinkedIn’s company page is. Just like your website, you can optimise your LinkedIn page to appear in their search results and attract eyeballs to your brand. Update the page with industry-relevant content to grow followers and increase engagement.

The platform is sullied slightly by the odd influencer-wannabe who brags about his latest Ferrari purchase or tells a fictitious story about how he/she launched the career of your favourite boxer/YouTuber/singer. See The State of LinkedIn on Twitter (@StateofLinkedIn) for more of that.

But like anything, you have to take the good with the bad.

And the purpose of this article is to discuss some of the good features that LinkedIn brings to the table, namely LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads, operated through the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, is one of the best marketing platforms out there for generating new leads, engaging with prospects and building a brand. While this article will focus on the best strategies for B2B companies to use, it’s important to note that LinkedIn Ads can be very effective for B2C companies as well as university recruitment and non-profit organisations.

Campaign Objectives

So, what’s the most effective use of your marketing budget here? Selecting an objective for your campaign is an important first step.


LinkedIn Ads Objectives

As with any business, the objectives will change over time. However, we have found that the Lead Gen ads are the most popular choice for B2B and with good reason. LinkedIn provides a seamless experience for their users which makes it very efficient to collect contact information from potential clients.

Other popular choices are website conversions and brand awareness. All the screenshots you see below are from a Lead Generation campaign.


This is where LinkedIn really comes into its own. You have access to really powerful information as a LinkedIn advertiser. You can target users by job position, company, education and countless other factors. The LinkedIn Insights Tag allows you to target users who have previously visited your website too. You can also upload contact lists of prospects and clients to further optimise your targeting. As with any campaign, audience segmentation is key to a successful campaign.


LinkedIn Audience Targeting


Ad Format

Again there is plenty of selection here. They’re constantly adding new features to the Campaign Manager. You can now select from single image ads, carousel image, video ads, message ads and conversation ads (still in beta).

There’s advantages to all of these but for a Lead Gen campaign we would recommend a single image ad. Keep it simple with a clear image describing your offer. As mentioned, LinkedIn is always adding new features to their offering and some of them are on show here.

Native video content is relatively new to LinkedIn and it’s proving to be very popular. Video has become one of the most important mediums for marketing teams in recent years and it’s no different on LinkedIn. They are even trialing Instagram-like stories on LinkedIn in Australia before a potential worldwide roll-out in 2021.

Message and conversation ads are similar and allow you to deliver targeted messages to LinkedIn users’ inbox. The newest addition to Campaign Manager – conversation ads – gives you the option to create programmed messages and have a ‘conversation’ with your lead. Include automatic replies such as ‘Learn More’, ‘Arrange a Meeting’ or ‘Download’ with relevant links to keep the conversation flowing.

After this you will have to create your Lead Gen Form. Here, you outline the details you want to collect from new

leads. You will also have to give details of your offering to the user. It has to be something worthwhile for the interested party to hand over their details – think ebooks, industry guides, reports or free evaluations.

We have compiled a number of ebooks and industry reports that have all been available through LinkedIn. If you want to download the Betting Sector Guide for US Sportsbooks you can do so via our website here.


LinkedIn is an ideal platform for B2B marketers. Their Campaign Manager allows you to target users in minute detail and serve up very relevant ads in a wide range of formats. You also have access to a huge range of relevant statistics and analytics through their reporting portal.

It’s a great way to prospect for new clients, engage with prospective leads and and get your company profile out there.

Finally, if you want to find out more about setting up LinkedIn Ads for your company then feel free to contact us at