Will 2018 See Voice Betting Introduced To The Market?

Will 2018 see Voice Betting introduced to the Market?

The way people search online is starting to change, rapidly, with voice search being the “new thing”. We have Apple’s Siri,

Google Voice, Amazon Echo and Microsoft’s Cortana and chatting to our devices is now normal. With upwards of 20% of searches coming through search and marketing strategies, particularly SEO, adapting to meet the rise of search, the next two years should see some form of Voice Betting introduced to the market.

Voice Betting: Change in User Behaviour and Expectations
Before we look at the potential of Voice Betting, we have seen that people are now starting to ask real questions as if they were having a conversation with their device (Note, before mentioned switch in SEO tactics from short word searches) and more importantly, the same people want answers immediately. They want them immediately without having to scroll through pages of search results – direct answers, as if in a conversation.

How Does The Gambling Industry Adapt to Voice Betting?
So, in an industry that lacks personalised content, proper onsite search functionality and a demand for the user to search for their betting opportunities, the real question is, how does the industry adapt to cater for Voice Betting, Voice Deposit, Voice Withdrawal and Voice Responsibility.

Voice Betting: What Needs to Change
Introduction of light micro services framework to enable operators introduce voice recognition software across mobile platforms.
User Experience – Voice has the ability to completely transform the customer experience.
Operators will need to adapt and become cleverer than they already are. How are their customers searching, what are they searching for and how do they talk (difficult for those firms with no onsite search)
Like, outside of bet placement, deposit, withdrawal and responsibility settings, customers will begin to search for brand terms, promotional terms using voice meaning operators will need to adapt their SEO strategies also – focus on natural keyboards and again, it’s a conversation now!

The Next Battleground in Gambling

Unibet and BetVictor have toyed with Voice concepts in the past, I’m sure others have too, but how long before your OpenBet’s and Playtech’s of the world get involved?

Maybe The Unit and Code Factory will beat them to the finish line…..

The next great battleground in gambling, other than personalisation, will be Voice. Optimising for voice search is 2018.