How to Leverage YouTube for your Business

Social media marketing for business is a tricky area to navigate. LinkedIn is usually the focus for B2B companies while Facebook and Instagram are used more by B2C brands. YouTube is an underrated and underutilized marketing channel.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with nearly 2 billion monthly active users. Your business can stand out from the crowd with your own channel and you can use their excellent ad manager to target potential customers.

Why use YouTube?

There are so many benefits to using YouTube for businesses. It helps to build brand awareness and increase web traffic. It also has knock-on effects for SEO. Having a YouTube channel will help you climb the ranking in Google’s search results.  A recent report by Google shows that video content is changing the way we shop. YouTube is filled with product reviews and explainers and the research shows that 70% of millennials watch YouTube videos to learn something new or research something they’re interested in. If you’re not on YouTube, your business is missing out on a huge audience.

That’s the plus side of setting up your business YouTube channel. Advertising your business on YouTube has its merits too.


YouTube Ads

As YouTube is a video sharing platform it goes without saying that video ads are the most effective use of your marketing spend. YouTube has three ad categories for you to pick from:

  1. TrueView Ads
  2. Bumper Ads
  3. Non-skippables

YouTube Logo - YouTube for BusinessTrueView Ads, also known as pre-roll ads, are one of the most cost-effective online advertising options available to any business. They are a great way to boost brand engagement. They play just before YouTube videos and can be skipped after five seconds by the viewer. You only pay for the ad if the viewer watches 30 seconds or more of your ad or they perform an action (e.g. click-through to your website). YouTube takes into account Google search history when serving their ads too. This means you can target your audience with the help of the two biggest search engines in the world.

Bumper Ads are short six-second videos played at the end of a YouTube video. Bumper Ad video campaigns are charged on a CPM basis. Again, this is a cost effective way of increasing brand exposure without saturating the viewer’s timeline with your content.

Non-skippable Ads take the role of traditional TV ads on YouTube. These are short ads played either pre-roll or mid-roll (when the video is 10+ minutes) of YouTube videos. Engagement with these ads has increased since YouTube made the decision to cut the maximum time allowed for each video from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

Generally these are good formats for smaller businesses to get involved with video advertising. Make sure your content is focused on key messages and you have done your research on consumer demographics.

YouTube also has options for business with bigger budgets. Masthead ads will cost your business over $1 million for 24 hours on the homepage and the effectiveness of these ads is still up in the air. They are a good opportunity for companies to pounce on big events or counter their competitors. They can deliver up to 100 million views per day.

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